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Alkistis A.

A Business Trainer from Athens, Greece

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Psychologist, Consultant and Seminar facilitator in Greece
Alkistis is an author, coach and management trainer with over 15 years of experience who trained first in international finance, then in psychology and psychotherapy.

She was born in Greece and raised in Canada, and has also lived and worked in London, Paris, Rome and Berlin. She is now based in Athens, but will travel anywhere in the world to facilitate seminars.

Alkistis has been a management trainer for international companies and over the past ten years has worked with hundreds of diverse individuals, helping them to turn their professional and personal dreams into reality through her 'Realize Your Dream' course. In 2004, Alkistis hosted a television show on personal development in Greece called Kaliteri Zoi ('A Better Life'). She has written several books on personal development and other subjects, published in the United States and Greece.

Clients include Mercedez-Benz , AOL, Bertelsmann, Ernst & Young Cap Gemini, Banque National de Paris, TUI Hellas, Athens Olympics 2004, Credit Bank, Glaxco-Smith-Kline, Novartis, Bosch, Bayer, Eurobank, Sony-Ericsson, among others.

Her work includes Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Creative Thinking, Public Speaking, Leadership etc, and these seminars all include a mind reprogramming method, in order to have fast and effective results.

He past Corporate Clients include:

BNP (France), Mercedez-Benz (Italia), ECI Construction (USA), America-On-Line (Germany), Ernst & Young (Germany), Bertelsmann (Germany), Logica Software (Germany/UK), Kedros Publishers (Greece), Nutrimetrics (Greece), Hellenic Banking Association (Greece), GlaxoSmithKline (Greece) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas, Novartis (Greece) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas OTEnet/Cosmote (Greece) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas Eurobank (Greece) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas, Egnatia Bank (Greece) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas Olympics 2004 (Greece) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas Bosch (Greece & Italia) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas Intersport (Greece) - with Dale Carnegie Hellas Titan Cement (Greece) etc....



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Alkistis's Training Expertise

31 Years of Experience


Management Training in various multinational organisations, specializing in communication

31 Years of Experience


A Session with Alkistis can help you to: Find or set up a better job to suit your needs and earn more money; Be more effective at work; Deal with changes in your life and work; Resolve conflicts in the workplace; Better articulate what you expect; Learn to be a leader; Better work relations; Do what you love; Deal better with family Issues; Communicate better with family members; Find more time for your marriage; Build a family support system; Set better priorities; Incorporate values into your life; and, Open up an exciting world of possibilities and are available to individuals who want private,
one-to-one coaching. These sessions offer you the opportunity to fine tune the skills
you need to achieve personal and professional fulfilment and help you begin to live your dreams.

31 Years of Experience


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