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Ken S.

A Keynote Speaker from Melbourne, Australia

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Increasing competitive advantage, service, & customer value
Ken is the chairman of an international management institute. He supports organizations find new ways to cut costs, reduce risk, increase service, satisfaction, engagement, motivation, productivity, brand, image, reputation, and shareholder value through that application of intangible management, intangible intelligence, and international intangible standards.

Ken applies the latest software tools and management methods to upgrade and improve performance improvement projects, process re-engineering activities, change management projects, process mapping, risk management, knowledge management, intangible intelligence analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, brand analysis projects. He is an internationally recognized author and international key-note speaker.

He holds a finance degree with a sub major in law, an actuarial scholarship, and an honorary doctorate for his developments of intangible management, intangible risk management, intangible economics, intangible finance, intangible accounting, intangible intelligence, and intangible re-engineering. He has contributed to more than 40 international intangible standards. He is a former lecturer, and international examiner, in Statistics and Economics and has been the CEO of several IT companies.

Ken has delivered international keynote addresses, workshops, standards certification, and chaired conferences throughout Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Australia, London, the United States, and Europe.

He holds a finance degree with a sub-major in law and a PhD in management. His skill is in making complex concepts simple to understand and apply. His speciality is the objective financial valuation of intangibles and their financial impact on effectiveness, productivity, results, brand value and competitive advantage.

He is a pioneer in the development of intangible management, intangible accounting, intangible economics, and intangible finance and has contributed to more than 30 international intangible standards. Ken has participated in ANSI / ISO standards process in the United States and was a contributor to the Standards Australia, Knowledge Management Framework.

Ken’s Specialties:

strategic execution, strategic planning, productivity, innovation, intangibles, change management, ROI, valuation, pioneer, management, quality, project, KM, ICM, BPR, knowledge management, knowledge capital, intellectual capital management, intangible intelligence, service, satisfaction, brand, engagement, motivation, cost, effectiveness, quality, best practice gaps, re-engineering, complexity, standards, ISO, consulting, intangible intelligence, certification, software, best practice gaps



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Ken's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Accelerated Learning

Developer of Intangible Information Management - which can reduce learning time by more than 50% and dramatically enhance understanding.

38 Years of Experience

Knowledge Management

Written numerous publications and articles related to knowledge management, served in a board level capacity and one of the first people to introduce the concept of knowledge management into Australia.

33 Years of Experience

Strategic Management

Have contributed to more than 40 international intangible standards which explore how strategic management can be improved by maximizing the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses of traditional accounting, finance, economics, project, and risk management - which focuses too heavily on financial value and not the non-financial transactions that result in the decisions, actions, and influence, and attention attached to those areas.

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