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David L.
A specialist Business Speaker from Wailuku, United States

Awaken Your Multiple Intelligences - A Different Kind of Smart

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30 Years specialisation in
Accelerated Learning

* hundreds of practical strategies for applying multiple intelligences to your personal and professional life
* tools to dramatically increase the speed, retention, and understanding anything you want or need to learn
* "multi-modal" techniques for facilitating others' learning
* practical exercises for enhancing your problem-solving and creative thinking abilities

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40 Years specialisation in
Train the Trainer

* training for professional trainers and teachers on how to improve the effectiveness of their training using multiple intelligences
* new training methods for reaching everyone in training sessions, one hundred percent of the time
* structuring training sessions so they are brain compatible, implementing what current research has discovered about how the brain learn best
* training strategies for increasing transfer of the learning to one's personal and professional life, beyond the training room

40 Years specialisation in
Human Resources

* methods to assess employees' talents and skills based on the multiple intelligences?the Eight Kinds of Smart
* strategies for planning which tap the best thinking and most creative ideas of all involved in a planning session
* methods for motivating employees based on their "intelligence profile"
* new approaches for dramatically increasing the effectiveness of training and development (T&D) in your company or organisation

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Awaken Your Multiple Intelligences - A Different Kind of Smart

With David people learn how to think more creatively and strategically, gain clarity on life goals, learn how they are smart and by understanding the unique ways that we all learn and understand become more effective in personal and business relationships.

How is this possible? Multiple Intelligences.

Recognized world-wide as the expert who has made Multiple Intelligences practical and applicable to everyday life, David makes over 100 presentations around the world annually, in public seminars, corporate presentations and trainings, with educators, and at conferences. David’s knowledge of Multiple Intelligences, delivered in an informative, entertaining format, guarantees a valuable seminar and/or workshop for you and your employees, peers or colleagues.

Keynotes, meetings, conferences, events, workshops. David is the author of 10 books on Multiple Intelligences and is available for media interviews.

David has appeared on a number of TV programs and has been a featured presenter on several video tape series which are concerned to communicate the importance of contemporary brain research and applications of multiple intelligences for all dimensions of our lives at home and on-the-job.

He has conducted a number of TV satellite broadcasts teaching others about personal and professional applications of multiple intelligences.

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Wailuku, United States

Compact and to the point
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Society of Human Resource Managament (SHRM) American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
OutSmart Yourself! 16 Proven Strategies for Becoming Smarter Than You Think You Are A Different Kind of Smart: The Underlying Principles of MiQ? OutSmart Yourself! Multiple Intelligences TOOL BOX Eight Ways of Knowing Eight Ways of Teaching Multiple Intelligence Approaches to Assessment The Intelligent Currilculum Higher-Order Thinking the Multiple Intelligences Way Pathways of Learning
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 United States
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I have extensive international experience. I have lived in five different nations and conducted training programs for the public and private sector in some fifteen other nations.
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