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Evina H.

A Business Trainer from Germany, Germany

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Get The Change & Keep It!

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Short Courses & Group Coaching Programs
Evina is a fully Licensed NLP Trainer and provides unique workshops for Sales, Negotiation, Customer Service, Interviewing Skills, Teacher Training, TNA, Retail Sales, High-Performance Coaching, Change Management, Project Management, Leadership Skills, Business Writing, Hypnosis in Business, Communication Skills, Time Management, and special workshops for Young Leaders.

Evina can help you to excel on many levels (Personal Coaching/Executive Change).

What do you need? A brain and an open mind; willing to experience new ways of thinking and doing.

If you are ready to excel, then make an investment in yourself and/or your business and get the returns that you deserve now!



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Evina's Training Expertise

26 Years of Experience

Accelerated Learning

Our Short Courses cover the realm of Personal & Interpersonal Skills as most things in life and business ARE Personal & Interpersonal!

Courses can vary between 1/2 day and 10 days and are designed to give your staff the opportunity to learn In the most effective way possible.
Instead of talking about it; They Will Experience It!

We know that no two people, companies, and groups are ever the same, so we ensure that your group will experience something that will cater to their unique need.

They will learn via unconscious installations to achieve Changes...Fast!

31 Years of Experience

Blended Training, Learning

A strategist to support business development and profitable growth, with an eye for operational detail. Committed to clarify needs and strategy to achieve the outcome.

"Thinking outside the box" to create something unique for your business, that is useful, rather than "the usual way it's done".

31 Years of Experience


With many leadership models around, how do you know what is best for your team???
Not one model will ever fit all leaders, companies and circumstances.

Our Leadership Skills Program is designed to give your executives the leadership skills relevant to this day and age. This means Adaptability and Flexibility to move with the ever-changing current.

Your executives will develop Visual, Auditory, Verbal and Think-on-your-feet Skills to inspire themselves and their people to Take Action.
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