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Susan O.

A Business Trainer from Sydney, Australia

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Smarter Retail Training
Susan is an internationally recognized dynamic Retail Trainer, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis who can offer a total training package to assist others in achieving the results they want, in business, education or personal development.

Susan has extensive experience in the Retail environment working specifically in Retail Operations, Management, Education and Learning and Development. Susan has been instrumental in assisting many Companies grow and expand to reach their desired goals and beyond. With a passion for transforming the way people think, putting processes into place to assist in changing results and lives, Susan combines a unique blend of skills and knowledge as well as a highly interactive training and coaching style which works equally well in groups, and one on one.

With a belief that "every Cause causes a certain effect" Susan works with her clients to first be on the "Cause" side of the equation, which then allows the Client to take 100% responsibility for what and where they are right now ... discovering and aligning their values in career, finance, family, relationships, spirituality, personal development, health and fitness so that her clients can successfully move toward what they want in all areas of their lives.



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Susan's Training Expertise

29 Years of Experience

Accelerated Learning

Internationally accredited Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP
Coomunication Skills and Techniques. These Skills are equally transferable in the areas of Business/Education/Personal Development.

40 Years of Experience


Experienced in all facets of Retailing from strategic loanning and leasing through to Senior Operations Roles Management, Recruitmen/ marketing and Training and Development.

40 Years of Experience

Women In Business

Training and Development of women of all ages and retail/management through to senior management.
Empowering women to achieve their personal and career goals.
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