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Tim K.

A Business Speaker from Hereford, United Kingdom

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Tim's Speaking Profile

Transforming organisations, transforming lives
Tim works at the interface of where people running organisations are now, and where they would like to be in, say three years time.

After 35 years consultancy experience his particular expertise is in identifying and leveraging unique tacit knowledge, the stuff that makes people special and which lives in each and every Boardroom.

Tim’s results help organisations to develop and sustain competitive advantage in a knowledge world.

Working as a speaker, process consultant, facilitator, executive coach and author he has developed a unique and highly acclaimed practical, sometimes participative presentation. The talk examines the crucial links between dynamic strategic planning, high quality relationships and superb performance. He focuses entirely on what one can do to improve the performance of one’s organisation, offering high content, powerful, practical takeaways for immediate use


There is no doubt that the more emotionally, intuitively and interpersonally intelligent people are at the top of organisations, the better the business performance.

His expertise is working with Boards that wish to change their thinking, change their behaviour and change what they do, in order to develop and sustain competitive advantage in a knowledge world.

Tim puts together strategies for improvement in individual and organisational performance.



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Tim's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Business Strategy

The challenge for all organisations is how to develop and sustain competitive advantage in the Global Knowledge Economy. In a world where knowledge and information moves at 186,000 miles per second, all business strategies need:

• a measurable statement of excellence for products and / or services
• a quantifiable measure of the directors ambition
• an ongoing internet based marketing strategy

My unique process, proven with many dozens of different organisations over many years is guaranteed to deliver. It is the catalyst for getting everyone on the payroll to be in alignment. The clearer we are about where we want to be, the more likely we are to devise a strategy to get us there.

43 Years of Experience


If the strategy results in a measurable statement of excellence for the organisation, then the directors themselves are also required to be excellent both individually and collectively.
This can mean that CEO’s have to change their thinking, change their behaviour and change what they do in order to improve their personal performance. You only grow an organisation by growing the people and this ALWAYS starts with the directors. I am an expert at identifying and implementing the development points of top people. This is how to develop trust at the highest level before then cascading this process down throughout the organisation.

38 Years of Experience

Performance Management

What makes you special? Really special! Everyone is special but so few people know how special they are, either individually or collectively. I am an expert in developing relationships where one and one makes three, four or even five.

In a world where explicit knowledge is going down in value, it is unique tacit knowledge that is increasing in value; it is the clue to developing the Intellectual Capital of any organisation.

I devised the unique TK Factor - Business Development model that consistently enhances relationships. When you enhance relationships you always enhance the performance of any organisation. It is the clue to innovation and creativity.
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