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Anthony Von S.

A Business Speaker from Los Angeles, United States

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Anthony Von's Speaking Profile

From Wheelchair to World Champion, true power from within!
When Anthony said hello to the world, there was no road for him to walk on, not even a trail, only tremendous mountains that barred any progress …so it was said.

But Anthony refused to listen; he decided to build one all by himself, a road to his special place in life, to fulfilment, to success. And he did… with the POWER FROM WITHIN.

On the way, he learned skills, developed capabilities, gathered experience, knowledge and wisdom - tools that broke down every barrier and reduced enormous mountains to tiny pebbles. And in more than 25 years as teacher, coach, mentor and motivator he proved, they can work for everyone: For the single mother of a revolting teenage son as well as for the athlete with an unwanted performance limit; for the office clerk stuck in a no-go job, the youth with a severe handicap, the victim of violence and abuse just as for the insecure student with learning difficulties or the shy and lonely next door neighbour - for everyone, no matter how big the barriers are, no matter how the chances seem to be. His programs have been used for over 20 years from many major University's, Colleges, 500 Fortune Company's. And his award-winning program "Get fit for Life" Motivational speech all over the world. Prof. William Arnold Peperdine, CA University of Malibu, named Anthony a Warrior of Life and truly authentic one of a kind Motivational Speaker and inspirational Leader. A must for any Program & Team builder.

And while he motivates and inspires - spiced up with amazing events of his life - he introduces you to some of his finest students whose outstanding accomplishments tell a striking story of what can be achieved, despite barriers, blockades and boundaries. In detail, Anthony describes his rehabilitation methods and plans, individually designed for every single case that helped these students - children, youth and adults - to help themselves. And in the process he conveys numerous results of his extensive research in the field of rehabilitation especially of people with heavily injured limps, spine or nerve-system, and the physical as well as mental training of people with different handicaps, limitations and disadvantages.

His book was not only written for all those who need or want to find a better place in life, who like to widen their horizon or who look for a new, a different way to lead their lives. With his book, Anthony has also created a reference that holds answers to a wide range of questions from teachers, trainers, therapists, coaches, promoters and supporters. As well any Students or Staff of any Universities and 500 Fortune Companies always enjoyed his Programs and his motivational stories, in combination with a great presentation interactive show!



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Anthony Von's Speaking Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Health and Fitness

1979 begin in N. Germany
1986 open first fitness/Dojo
1986 voted to German state wide, Head coach/Mentor for kids & Youth with Disabilities
1990 open 2nd Fitness Studio
1990 voted to President for all N. German States in DBO/WKA
1993 immigrating to USA, start training with & under J.Pat Burleson, C. Manchardo etc.
93 start working on set Walker TX Ranger TV Show, C. Norris
93-97 win 7 x US Campion
96 film, his Get Fit for Life DVD
97-02 win 8 x World Champion retired undefended 2002
1999 Life time achievement award nomination & winner.
2000 nomination Hall of Fame
06-09 write & published novel Power from within Bushido
09- new novel Eyes in Darkness

1980-09 Motivational Speaker
Plus over 15 years, consultant to major fitness and Martial Arts Assoc. in Fitness & Trainer Seminars & Management

40 Years of Experience

Stress Management

Life Changing Award winning life coach workshops, seminars Motivational speaking events around the world for over 25 years.

40 Years of Experience

Public Speaking

Once again for over 25 my Life Changing Award winning life coach workshops, seminars Motivational speaking events around the world for over 25 years.
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