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International Authority on Corporate Stress



Public Speaking
35 Years
Stress Management
35 Years
Marketing - General
35 Years
Motivational Speaker - for audiences who need to thrive under pressure,
C-suite Executive Coach - exploiting hidden strengths to increase performance,
Speaker Coach - showing clients how to motivate and persuade their audience

Show organisations how to reduce stress
Provide key tools to build resilience
Raise the profile of mental health
Deliver ways to manage organisational change

I have 25 years experience as an expert on work stress, mental health issues and personal resilience, working both in the UK and the Gulf. As CEO of an international stress management and wellbeing consultancy, I show leaders how to pressure proof themselves to manage their daily challenges.

A motivational speaker, I deliver keynotes at international conferences and seminars in the UK, Europe and Middle East.


I’m delighted to be asked for comment on work stress and organisational change by the BBC and other media.

Chair: International Stress Management Association ISMA UK
Founder: Stress Awareness Day in 1998
Fellow / Past President: Professional Speaking Association, London

Expertise Portfolio

Public Speaking

35 Years

Carole embodies the perfect blend of inspiration, charisma and hard business knuckle, equipping her to guide your audience towards achieving tangible results and sustainable success.
Keynote speaker, Conference chair, Past President of Professional Speakers Association (London chapter).
Awards Host.

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Stress Management

35 Years

20 years as an International Leading Authority on Corporate Stress and Organisational Change.

CEO of successful dynamic, niche consultancy and the UK's No 1 provider of Stress Management and Employee Wellbeing from the shop floor to the boardroom.
Organisational change facilitator / consultant.

In 1999, Carole established National Stress Awareness Day (UK) - a national media campaign.
Expert Witness to the UK Courts on Stress Risk Assessment.
Professional Debriefer in war zones.

A Vice President of the International Stress Management Association (UK).
Author of industry's bible - Tolley's Managing Stress in the Workplace.
Expert Witness to the UK Courts on Stress Risk Assessment.

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Marketing - General

35 Years

Successful Entrepreneur and Businesswoman.
Speaker Coach to CEO's, Celebrities and Entrepreneurs.
PR & Marketing Consultant.
One to one Personal Development coach and Trainer.
Author of an inspirational self-marketing book.

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Personal Details

Name & ID Carole S.Carole Spiers, www.CaroleSpiers.com - ID 526
Profile Title International Authority on Corporate Stress
Category Professional Speakers
Travels from United Kingdom - Harrow
Citizen of United Kingdom
Gender Female
Age-Group 56 to 60

Good to Know

Languages (fluent) English  English
Worked in Countries Malaysia  United Arab Emirates  India  Australia
Brazil  South Africa  Europe
Professional Memberships International Stress Management Association
Professional Speaking Association
British Association for Counselling & Psycotherapy
Hobbies Travels to far diverse cultures e.g. Tibet, Bolivia, India, Peru
African safari, photography.
Prison visitor and trainer
UK Magistracy selection panel member
Telephone consultant to Capital Radio's 'Help a London Child'
Helpline volunteer to The Samaritans for 20 years
Availability Globally
Strengths Entrepreneur. Integrity. Driven. Unlocks Hidden Potential. Passionate. Energetic, Inspirational speaker. Communicator. Committed. Opportunist. Dedicated to growing successful people.


PopIndex * 4 - Excellent
Profile Views 19523

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