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Facilitator for Corporate Health & Stress Management
Dr Pramod is the founder of an organization dealing in Corporate Health & Stress Management through an integrated approach. His life passion is to learn and contribute in the field of health and stress management.

He is a graduate in Medicine (MBBS) from B.J. Medical College, Pune, India, and post-graduate in Management (MBA) from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune.

Additional Qualifications
• Three certified diplomas in Yoga & Ayurveda.
• Certified Master NLP Practitioner.

He has worked with more than 75 corporate till date and facilitated workshops for more than 6,000 participants. Some of the major companies where he has done similar assignments are Bajaj Allianz, Daimler Chrysler, EXL, Forbes Marshall, Geometric, Johnson & Johnson, Mahindra & Mahindra, P&O Nedlloyd, Tetra Pak, UNICEF, Satyam, Symantec, Wipro, etc.

His practical insights gained through a variety of experiences with Art of Living, Brahma-Vidya, Martial Arts, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Osho Commune, Re-evaluation Counseling, Reiki, Siddha Samadhi Yoga, Systems Thinking and Vipassana help in strengthening the participant experience and benefit through these workshops.

Work experience:
• Hewlett-Packard Medical Systems (Trainee)
• Wipro-GE Medical Systems (Sales)
• Pragati Leadership Institute Pvt. Ltd
• (Consultant/Corporate Trainer)

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I Have Had A Variety Of Inputs From Both Formal And Informal Learning. This Will Be Evident From My Profile. This Variety Helps Me And The Participants During The Workshops/ Interventions.2 I Have A Very Good Grounding In Facilitation In The Past 6 Years. As A Facilitator Some Of Strengths That Help Me And The Participants Are The Ability To Connect With Each Other At Deeper Levels And Allow Compassion To Flow.3 The Constant Drive To Innovate For Better Results And Impact


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Pramod T.

Health and Fitness

25 Years of Experience
I help corporates through customized Health & Stress Management interventions.
I take an integrated approach to health/ stress by focusing on the following three areas:

i) Taking Self Care - This involves managing and building your personal energy by taking appropriate care of the body-mind through right diet, exercise, life-style, relaxation, breathing and meditation. This area has received the maximum attention in many health/stress interventions. But health is incomplete without deep work on the following two areas.

ii) Changing Stress Generating Patterns - Every individual has developed specific stress generating patterns based on ones’ development since childhood. If one has to really reduce stress then releasing the accumulated distress, becoming aware of one’s’ deeper patterns and changing them becomes most critical.

iii) Developing Life Skills - Besides working on the above two one has to continuously develop certain life skills to manage stress. These are related to expressing emotions, being assertive, managing conflicts/difficult conversations, taking decisions and managing time. Without development in these skills one becomes prone to developing stress for not being able to handle different life situations.
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