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Sangeetha P.

A Keynote Speaker from Bangalore North, India

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Mental health advocate as a survivor of depression and bipolar.

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My name is Sangeetha. I am 25 years old from Bangalore, India. I have 3 taglines attached to my name, A TEDx speaker with 2 TED talks, An Author, Poet.

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder and was diagnosed in November 2014. I don't call myself a patient instead term myself to be a depression survivor because the journey from 2014 till today has been through roads of ups and downs.

I am very keen on spreading awareness on mental health and the importance of seeking help at the right time. I want to help people who are silently suffering due to the huge stigma mental illnesses carry in the society.

I am interested in giving talks and interacting with your people not just on mental health but life in general. I call myself a motivational speaker and I try to keep up to the name. The main reason I speak as a survivor is to reach out to maximum number of people to advocate to seek help. Putting my weaknesses out there is how I make it my strength by converting it into an inspirational story for people to understand that 'it is ok to be not ok'.

I have been invited to mental health conferences outside India (UK and Canada) as a speaker.

Simplicity is my strength and I would like to work with you on this regard.



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7 Years of Experience

Health and Fitness

Mental health advocate who is a survivor of depression with bipolar disorder
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