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Mark A.

Top Investment Banking & Capital Markets Training Consultant

A specialist Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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26 Years specialisation in
Finance, Financial tools

Designing and running financial courses at all levels within banks, asset managers and other financial firms as well as those providing services to them, in order to increase skills and therefore profitability.

I have also set up training Academies for financial services firms that have been recognised as state of the art.

I am a leading expert in graduate training courses in finance, making sure that new graduates are able to contribute to the bottom line from Day 1.

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26 Years specialisation in
Human Resources

As a former Global Head of Training and Development at a global investment bank, I put in place Academies and training departments which improve skills and increase profitability - I am also able to show how training can be a revenue generator as well as a cost centre.

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18 Years specialisation in
CRM, Customer Relations Management

CRM saves a financial institution from having to become commoditised to compete and delivers higher margins and lengthy & profitable relationships.

To this end, I deliver sales and cross-selling courses to financial markets staff which concentrate on building profitable relationships and brand awareness.

We have one of the few [and certainly the best!] 'Cross-Selling Financial Products' courses on the market today.

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Top Investment Banking & Capital Markets Training Consultant

A graduate of Cambridge University, Mark spent his career working for some of the leading brokers and investment banks, having been successively a fund manager, salesperson, sales trader and trader.

Mark is now recognised as the leading trainer in equities and equity markets as well as investment banking - his innovative and effective training style means that he is much in demand to design and deliver courses on these topics. Mark has trained in the UK, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Western Europe and has consistently received top rated feedback from participants and training buyers.

Mark is one of the leading financial markets trainers and consultants who has successfully trained thousands of delegates worldwide:

* Has set up market-leading training Academies for global investment banks

* Designed, structured and delivered the training for a major offshoring programme to India for a global investment bank and asset manager

* has designed and delivered graduate and intern training programmes globally for financial services firms

* runs sales and cross-selling courses for financial staff

* Credit Crunch and its Consequences
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London, United Kingdom

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The ability to communicate effectively at al levels within an organisation as well as recent experience in the areas I am training
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