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Dianne B.

A Business Trainer from Oxford, United Kingdom

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Dynamic female trainer, coach and consultant
Dianne a business and marketing strategist, author, coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator. Her background in psychology and marketing encompasses management roles within a range of public and private sector organisations, including board level positions within a number of SME companies.

She has a degree in psychology, the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and is an accredited advisor for the Institute of Independent Business - an international organisation focused on advising small to medium sized enterprises.

Dianne specialises in advising service focused businesses on issues of marketing, management and motivation and has devised a unique business and personal development programme based around many of the tenets of coaching, change management and emotional intelligence.

Her unique range of abilities enables her to address many aspects of both strategic and tactical skills application within businesses - at both an individual and team level. She is also highly experienced in executive and senior management mentoring and development.

Dianne loves working with businesses and seeing them flourish and develop as they start to set and realise their goals in terms of identifying their strengths, skills and talents and focusing on developing them in a conscious and controlled way. Every individual and organisation only ever utilises a fraction of their possible potential at any one time; our role is to help them have the courage, confidence and self-belief to step outside their comfort zone, take exciting calculated risks and end up achieving much, much more.


Training and consultancy in marketing, management and motivation/personal development for SMEs, start-ups, professional firms and public sector organisations. Particular interest in service-focused businesses, women's enterprise and 50+ entrepreneurs.



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Dianne's Training Expertise

29 Years of Experience

Personal Development

All aspects of personal development covered from self-esteem and confidence issues to achieving excellence through developing a personal brand based on presence, charisma and the development of a unique 'Alpha' personality.

Basic skills training and coaching includes time management, networking, presentation skills, dressing for success, developing emotional intelligence, improving individual communication style.

39 Years of Experience

Business Development

We bring a unique business development programme to organisations of all types and sizes enabling them to clearly identify the issues of importance to them and finding meaningful and practical solutions.

From a basic model of achieving balance between marketing, managment and motivation, we have introduced a programme of achieving excellence through enabling each business to identify its key criteria for success and unique mechanisms for achieving its own vision.

The process is closely linked to brand development and involves rigorous attention to all facets of internal and external communication. Our creative utilisation of powerful story telling and motivational techniques ensures success with measurable outcomes whatever the level of staff involvement or the particular issues being addressed.

39 Years of Experience

Marketing - Specialised

Almost all facets of marketing, management and motivational analysis, planning and implementation. The scale of our input can vary from formal strategic planning and assistance with implementation of marketing activities for the organisation as a whole, through group training and working with teams, to one-to-one coaching and mentoring.
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