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Sandra G.

A Business Mentor from Johannesburg, South Africa

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Sandra's Mentoring Profile

“Sandra is dazzlingly brilliant -- brimming with insight and foresight.

From across the world and from behind the scenes, she will discern and unveil your challenges and opportunities -- instantly, intuitively, magically, mystically -- in ways that will leave you awestruck.

Sandra will guide your personal, professional, and business affairs through the complexing confusion of a rapidly changing world. You will receive previously never-thought-of recommendations, with solid reasons that inform your strategic decisions, and which tie together past, current, and still-unseen future trends.

Your way ahead will be crystal clear. Whether changing a career, launching a new venture, contemplating an investment, making an acquisition, or re-inventing and restructuring your corporate affairs, Sandra will align you with the future, armed with a fresh awareness of all the factors that may impede or aid your pathway forward. You will avoid unseen pitfalls, and go on to reap success.

Sandra also is Founder of a well respected portal on LinkedIn where she gently guides rich discussion to facilitate self-discovery of the essential harmonic nexus between scientific and spiritual knowledge.

"I unhesitatingly recommend Sandra to your service." Frank Feather, President & CEO, Geo-Strategies Inc



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Sandra's Mentoring Expertise

33 Years of Experience

Personal Development

Investing in yourself as a core competency, introduces your analytical skills as a life behaviour pattern. Learning to distinguish between who you are and who you want to be, gives you a life line quest that mobilizes you into the determinant factor and controls your association to the past. The first evaluation analysis is where you learn about yourself, in a concetrated effort to reduce the problematic sphere of your personal relationship with yourself.

33 Years of Experience


Detect the innovation sector of your department. Each new avenue is presented with speculation to govern your assets as a personal responsability to you as a community sector. Applied by the rules of your distinguishing ability, the innovation sector is an internal mobilization of your personality: 'Your correcting govenment.'

33 Years of Experience

Strategic Thinking

Our strategic communicative thinking introduces the losses of a present moment. Consider the reactions of the past, to communicate behavioural skills and adaptive communicative trends that foresee your development. Our ability to correspond thinking behaviour is a consecutive learning trend that enables us to be fully aware of our consequences. Learning to develop new thinking behaviour is at the crux of the developmental matter.
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