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David W.

A Consultant from Wickwar, United Kingdom

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Performance management, lifestyle coaching and tendering
In a successful career in Financial Services Dave held senior positions across all major insurance markets. In his role as Head of Corporate Development at NatWest Life he was responsible for the Company's drive towards excellence.

Dave has assessed at regional, national and European level and spent many years as a Senior Assessor for the European Excellence Awards.

Using the skills and experience built up over many years he has developed a strongly customer-focused consultancy and training organisation. Dave has trained hundreds of people in the UK, Europe and the UAE.

He now works with private, public and voluntary sector organisations of all sizes implementing business improvement programmes, and providing help, guidance and support for Award applications where required.

Dave has successfully performed this type of work in Dubai in recent years where he was readily accepted as having the knowledge and experience to achieve transformation.

More recently Dave has expanded his scope of work by providing training and support for high value tender document preparation. This has included the role of Editor of high profile rail franchise tenders in the UK.

A recent new venture has been the launch of a personal success planning App for iPads called iPlan Success. This has been developed through an associated company and Dave plays a hands-on role in lifestyle coaching and personal development of clients.



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David's Consulting Expertise

26 Years of Experience


Writing and editing competitive tender documents in the construction and rail industries.

39 Years of Experience

Performance Management

Supporting organisations performance management through practical use of the EFQM Excellence Model. From planning through to process improvement and measurement.

39 Years of Experience


Lifestyle coaching and supporting individual personal development. Helping people to set and achieve goals they would other not have done.
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