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Mohamed H.

A Business Trainer from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Mohamed's Specialty

* Consultative Educator / Expert Trainer
* Consultant; Senior Advisor; Expert; Specialist in the fields of:
* Asset / Business Performance Management
* Developing / Implementation Plans of (APM) Asset Performance Management Solutions
* Reliability Engineering
* Business Analyst & Strategic Planning

Mohamed's Experience Map

Mohamed's Training Profile

Consultative Educator / Expert Trainer
Mohamed has more than 30 years of practical experience and strong scientific background in the areas of Vocational Education, Asset / Business Performance Management, Industry Utilities Power & Water Transmission and Dispatch, Electrical Engineering, Networking, Engineering Management and Application Support.

His recent endeavours have included projects on
RCM Reliability Centered Maintenance, Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance, Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, Maintenance Score Card,
Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management, (Updated for ISO 55000), Root Cause Analysis, Spare Part Management, Maintenance Cultural Change, etc. in companies located in North America and Middle East.

* Mohamed is a Certified Asset Performance Management Reliability Expert - CANADA
* Certified Ivara EXP Implementation Specialist - CANADA
* Certified Aladon RCM2 Facilitator - Aladon Network - CANADA
* Certified Performance Management System - Toronto CANADA
* ISO 55000 Competent & PAS55 2008 Competent
* Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, register as a Chartered Engineer - UK
* Member of the Engineering Council, register as a Chartered Engineer - UK

Mohamed currently is a freelance Consultant and Expert Trainer for the above mentioned subjects and welling to submit his services and experience to the engineering companies, training centers and all the concerning clients.



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Mohamed's Training Expertise

21 Years of Experience

Benchmarking and Best Practices

Trainer specializing in Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management, (Updated for ISO 55000)
Manage TRANSCO input into ITOMS (International Transmission Operation & Maintenance Study) Power Benchmarking Exercise

25 Years of Experience


Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance
Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices
Monitor and report on O&M and replacement plan implementation progress.
Lead / Participate in RCA (Root Cause Analysis) study and failure investigations related to Major Power & Water Assets
Maintenance Score Card

29 Years of Experience

Business Strategy

* Produce strategic business plans and setting objectives and targets within the business.

* Conducts all the studies to develop and implement the best technology of the Asset Performance Management Solutions in order to achieve the business objectives by ensuring that Transco 'does the right activity at the right time'.

* Setup the reports of KPIs, undertaking studies and analysis of the indicators, performing process reviews and making recommendations ensuring that best practices are implemented

* Develop, Implement, produce and monitor department Balance Score Card. Develop, Identify, Setting and Monitoring Performance Indicators for all major functions and assesses achievements and plans to achieve target goals ensuring alignment with Asset Management Directorate (AMD) & Organization strategies and the adoption of best practices.
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