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Father of Benchmarking - Inventor of the Benchmarking Method



Benchmarking and Best Practices
45 Years
Robert (Bob) is Principal of the Best Practice Institute (TM), an international research, education and consultation organization focused on the capture, exchange and adoption of best practices, worldwide, through benchmarking. He is based in Ithaca, New York, and works with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and many large domestic and international manufacturing and service firms.

Prior to retiring after 23 years, he was Manager, Benchmarking Competency, Quality Office, for Xerox Corporation's United States Customer Operations (USCO). He was appointed to this position in August 1990 and was responsible for expanding and intensifying benchmarking in all USCO units.

He joined Xerox as Manager, Planning, in the Logistics and Distribution (L&D) organization where he held several other management positions. Before Xerox, he worked for Mobil Oil and DuPont.

He was responsible for creating the benchmarking program for Xerox's L&D organization. He has been responsible for several large-scale benchmarking investigations of product delivery and business processes. He directed the internal network which ensured that customer satisfaction and business results improved through incorporation of best practices in products, services, and business processes.

He has written three books on Benchmarking:

The Search for Industry Best Practices that Lead to Superior Performance (1989),

Business Process Benchmarking: Finding and Implementing Best Practices (1995),

Global Cases in Benchmarking: Best Practices from Organizations Around the World (1998) and 37 articles.

That first, and best-selling, benchmarking book has been translated into 14 languages. In 1995, a software solution suite, providing a proven methodology based on the books, courseware, and client engagements was created to make teams self-sufficient. In 2000, a web education video and slide-based e-learning workshop was developed from best practice benchmarking master class materials for Internet delivery. He is a contributing author of "Benchmarking For Superior Performance" in Juran's Quality Handbook (Fifth Edition, 1999).

He has presented the Xerox benchmarking experience at major events in 27 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Americas. As the Xerox representative, He helped establish the International Benchmarking Clearinghouse in Houston, Texas. He is President of the Global Benchmarking Network, an affiliation of 20 benchmarking competency centers around the world.

For eleven years, he served on the Executive Committee of the Council of Logistics Management and was President in 1993. He has over 30 years' experience in supply chain management. He has been recognized four times by Xerox for his leadership in benchmarking, and he is cited in The International Who's Who in Quality.

He holds a bachelors degree in civil engineering from Cornell University and a masters degree in business administration from Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management. He earned a doctorate in logistics and operations research from the Pennsylvania State University.

His Clients include:

United States of America (Partial)

Alcon/Nestle | American Airlines | American Express | Ameritech | Armstrong | Arthur Andersen | AT&T | Bausch & Lomb | Boeing | Chase Manhattan | Citibank | Crum & Forster | EDS | Exabyte | GE Aircraft Engines | General Mills | Harris Bank | Hewlett Packard | IBM | Johnon & Johnson | KPMG Peat Marwick | Lexmark/IBM | Lockheed Martin | Medtronic | Michigan Consolidated Gas | Motorola | North American Van Lines | Proctor & Gamble | Picker International | PPG | Praxair | Price Waterhouse | Prizm/Ford | PRTM | Quaker Oats | Real Decisions | Ritz Carlton | Sara Lee | Sears Roebuck | Sematech | Shell International | Smith Kline Beecham | Steelcase | Sun Microsystems | Sunoco Products | Texas Instruments | Unisys | Varian | Weber Group | Welch's | Xerox

International (Partial)

Air New Zealand | Astra Graphia, Indonesia | Australian Quality Council | Australian Best Practices Program | Benchmarking Centres, UK, Germany, South Africa | Benchmarking Club, Italy | Conference Board Canada | Danish Technological Institute | Deakin University, Australia | Deutsche Bank, Germany | DNV, Norway | EFQM, Austria | Electrolux, Sweden | Enterprise Ireland | Ericsson, Sweden | Expo Management, Argentina | Finnish Society for Quality | Fuji Xerox, Japan | GPT Payphone, UK | Grupo IMSA, Mexico | HSM, Brazil | IBM, Belgium | ICI, Netherlands | Industry Canada/IQA | Initiativa GEMI, Mexico | IQL, India | ISVOR/Fiat, Italy | IZB, Germany | JPC-SED, Japan | Kansai Productivity Center, Japan | KEPCO, Korea | KNP BT Packaging, Netherlands | Korea Management Association | Korea Telecom Freetel | Lucky-Goldstar, Korea | Management Centre Europe, Belgium | Mexico Chamber of Commerce | National Productivity Council of India | National Productivity Institute, South Africa | NEC, Japan | Nokia, Finland | NRMA, Australia | Osram Sylvania, Germany | Phillips, Sweden PSB Benchmarking Centre, Singapore | Rogers Cablesystems, Canada | Royal Bank of Scotland, UK | Statoil, Norway | Status Meetings, UK, Sweden, Switzerland | SKF, Sweden | Tata, India | Telecom Finland | Telecom Netherlands | Telia AB, Sweden | The Knowledge Brokers Toyota Motor Credit | TransAlta, Canada | Vasakronan, Sweden

Non-Profits (Partial)

AMA International | APQC/IBC | BOCES | Conference Board | Council of Logistics Management | Financial Executive Institute | Florida Sterling Council | Institute of Industrial Engineers | Juran Institute | Minnesota Quality Council | NACUBO | Quality Council of Rochester | SOCAP | St. Ann's Home | St. Joseph's Villa | The Benchmarking Center Middle East

Education (Partial)

Babson College | Brazilian Educators Study Mission | COFHE (University CFO's) | Georgia Tech | Northwestern University | Rochester Institute of Technology | University of Northumbria, UK | Cornell University

Healthcare (Partial)

CT Hospital Association | HC Forum | Hospital Association of Pennsylvania | Institute of Health Care Improvement | MediQual | Nursing Economics | Rhode Island Hospital | UMass Medical Center | VHA Tri-State | Xerox Health Link

Expertise Portfolio

Benchmarking and Best Practices

45 Years

Provides objective understanding, insight, an expert opinion and a deeper understanding of best practices.

Reinforces how major performance improvement can be achieved by focusing on key, core cross-functional processes.

Illustrates how benchmarking, as part of a comprehensive program of planned change, can be used as the "approach of choice" for improvement.

Discusses best practices over a wide cross-section of applications in both the public and private sectors.

Emulates the best of the best to achieve a quantum leap improvement in process output, quality, customer satisfaction, cycle time and the resulting cost and asset utilization effectiveness.

Learn how to establish, support, sustain and effectively expand and intensify best practice projects and programs.

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