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Talal A.

A Business Trainer from Kuwait, Kuwait

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Freelancer trainer - Training is my mission -

Provide my expertise as a trainer based on my work history and training experience, to close the gabs between the work forces and the desired performance development of their management.
Focus my efforts mostly, in training to target administrative skills required in the marketplace and specific to job descriptions.
Thriving to offer my skills in all training & educational needed processes beyond the actual implementation, i.e. Training need assessments, training need analysis, design, development, and implementation, assessments and (ROI) return of investment, as well as linking training to job description.



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Talal's Training Expertise

16 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Delivered Training courses
Name of the course Year Delivered
Mastering hard situation 2010 2 times
Volunteerism Art & Skills 2012 3 times
Instructional Designs 2012 1 time

Other training deliverables
• Developed training crecelum and training materials for other trainers.

18 Years of Experience

Customer Care, Service

17 Years of Experience

Public Speaking

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