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Greg B.

A Business Trainer from Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Versatile motivational coach: NLP; Creativity; relationships
Greg has built his reputation as an internationally renowned speaker, trainer and coach over the past fifteen years and has considerable experience in teaching human behaviour and communication.

He has acted as a consultant delivering innovative development courses to a variety of organisations throughout the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle & Far East, including industry, academic institutions, healthcare and the medical profession.
Greg has worked with politicians, heads of industry, managers, leaders, healthcare professionals and multi-disciplinary teams worldwide.

His specialities include: Body Language; Advanced Influencing Skills; Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Emotional Intelligence; Communication; Motivational Traits and Behaviours; Personal and Team Development; Leadership and Supervisory Management; Presentation Skills; Public Speaking and Platform Skills; Change Management; Business writing for impact and profit.

Greg holds a Certificate in Training Practice and is an accredited trainer for Belbin Team Roles and the internationally acclaimed Wilson’s Learning Versatile Sales Person course. He is an internationally accredited Practitioner, Business Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and is a fully trained facilitator. He is also a Member of the Association for Coaching and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He graduated from Aberystwyth University with a degree in English & Information Studies. He worked on regional and national newspapers as a journalist, sports editor, sub-editor, and editor, before joining the BBC as a news researcher. His management skills were developed whilst working as a senior officer in the merchant navy. They were further enhanced as his career progressed through working in a number of commercial and training roles within international blue chip organisations.

Greg believes that the training journey should be exciting, fun and productive. His experience in multidiscipline and multicultural working has enabled groups to create a positive learning environment and a firm platform from which to transfer their new skills to the workplace.



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Greg's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience



Over the past 30 plus years I have worked in a series of roles that have put in a customer facing situation, whether they internal, or external.

As a feature and news journalist, on both newspapers and at the BBC, it was important to build instant rapport with interviewees in order to gain the most information you could in a short space of time. It was important to build trust and respect and maintain contact.

As an officer in the merchant navy, again the trust and rapport was essential to maintain a motivated and happy team.

For the past twenty years I have been customer facing both as an advocate for companies as well as a training manager. These are the areas where I was able to hone my relationship skills.

Typically my courses will offer many aspects of creating instant and lasting positive relationships. Courses available include:

• Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
• Emotional Intelligence
• Advanced communication skills
• Interpersonal relationships
• Cross cultural working
• Body language master class
• Motivational traits and values
• Personal effectiveness
• Working with groups
• High performance teams

45 Years of Experience

Public Speaking

Public Speaking:

Presenting to groups is one of the most stressful experiences for many people. This is borne out by the fact that speaking in public is the number one phobia in the world today. This poses a dilemma, in that most presentations are not just about distributing information, they are also about building or losing reputations.

As a respected public speaker for over 30 years I have learned the skills necessary to engage an audience within the first 90 seconds. It is not rocket science and anyone can do it as long as they have the necessary toolkit. I will help delegates to unlock their true potential.

Potential courses include:

• Presentation and public speaking skills for professional people
• Positive results from speaking with the press
• How to handle an audience
• Public speaking toolkit
• The secrets of top public speakers
• Conference and platform skills
• Positive time lines for professional speakers

28 Years of Experience



Successful people look at problems differently. They look for positive outcomes from challenging situations. Are we born creative, or can we learn the skills. The answer is quite simple creativity can be learned. The only difference is one of behaviour and the ability to be versatile – both areas can be developed.

Change happens and for those willing to look at it differently it opens new opportunities and marketplace. People talk about outside the box thinking; sometimes we have to adopt the box to match our needs.

The sorts of courses that match these needs include:

• Emotionally intelligent attitude to change – the creative approach
• Six thinking hats – De Bono
• Fifth discipline working
• Creativity in the workplace
• Creativity and the team
• Creative thinking planning
• Corporate change – a positive outcome
• NLP and creativity – Skills for managing change
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