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Mike S.

A Business Speaker from Adelaide, Australia

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Move from Where You Are to Where You Want to Go
Mike is a Performance Strategist & Modeler. He helps key people in organisations fine tune their performance wizardry to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to go.

Clients learn how to view themselves, others and their business environment from multiple perspectives, manage their state, ask directional questions of themselves and others, and focus their intentions towards planned and desired outcomes. This gives them greater flexibility and positioning in the way they perform, set directions, respond to challenges, make decisions and deliver their communication.

He works with the underlying structural, mental and behavioural dynamics that determine people's and organisations' actions that either moves them towards or away from achieving.

The nature of Mike's approach and expertise makes it suitable for most areas in business that need to maintain its performance ability. This includes Vision, Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, Staff Management, Conflict Resolution, Personal Management, Time Management, Training & Development, Coaching, Public Speaking, Sales and Sales Management.

Mike's thinking is influenced, amongst others, by the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Neuro Semantics (NS), a cognitive behavioural science, in which he is a Certified Master Practitioner; the Meta Coaching Model; and the field of Structural Dynamics (the Creative Process). He is tertiary qualified in Human Resources, Organisational Development & Change, and Training & Development.

A former Executive Director of the SA Chapter of the National Speakers Association of Australia, and a former 5 Star hospitality specialist with the Hyatt International Hotel Group, he has worked with organisations and individuals from the private and public sector.

Mike is known for his light hearted, warm and humorous approach. His clients experience highly interactive and experiential sessions that can intrigue, stimulate thinking, shift attitudes and challenge the business status quo.

His methodology is designed to encourage self reliance, flexibility, motivation, creativity, and endurance in individuals, teams and organisations.

His programs are delivered as Coaching Sessions, Seminars, Workshops and Keynotes.

Mike, who can be engaged as a coach and as an event speaker, has worked with the following clients:

The Hilton Hotel Group; Adelaide SKYCITY Casino; Roche Pharmaceuticals; Accor Hotel Group; Millbank Publications; Stamford Hotel Group; South Australian Cricket Association; Hughes Limousines; SA Local Government; SA Education Department; TAFE SA; Dep. of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology; Telstra; ANZ Bank and Satisfac.



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Mike's Speaking Expertise

40 Years of Experience


It's All in the Quality of Your Relationship
*Learn how People Think - See, Hear and Talk like them
*Understand and Respect what's important to others - Their Values

36 Years of Experience


REAL Leadership NOT Dictatorship

* Leading Yourself before Leading Others
*Earn the Right to Lead
*Leading with Humility and Gratitude
*Build People Up not Down
*Understand people's Communication Styles
*Leading - Psychologically, Operationally and Economically

38 Years of Experience

Customer Experience Management

Being Your Clients' Wildest Dream

VALUE First, WIIFT - What's In It For Them
*Understand what customer really buy - Good Feelings
*Not just what they Need but what they WANT!

Speaking your customers language in Neuro Linguistic Terms!

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