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Tim B.

A Business Trainer from Istanbul, Turkey

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Executive Search Consultant, Coach, Facilitator
Tim is an experienced international consultant and coach. He has managed executive search, people consulting and executive coaching assignments in 20 countries throughout the world.

Tim has been based in the UK, Turkey, China and the US and has worked extensively throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

In 2007 he established a consulting firm, and leads their team which provides people related consulting in Turkey and other markets. He is chair of the British Business Group in Istanbul, and on the Board of the British Chamber of Commerce

Tim began working as an executive coach in 1997, specialising in coaching senior executives and leadership teams, with the aim of improving their performance, achieving real behavioural change and increasing job satisfaction. His experience as a corporate trainer, executive search and HR consultant, and a business manager makes him well positioned to be a highly effective coach.

Tim was personally trained and supervised by Dr Suzanne Skiffington of the Graduate Institute of Master Coaches/Behavioural Coaching Institute. He has qualified as a Certified Master Coach.

Tim is also a member of the International Executive Board of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and is a founder of the EMCC Turkey association, and abides by the EMCC code of ethics. For more information see - http://www.emccouncil.org

Tim carries out coaching in English and Turkish, and works on all executive issues; he also offers specialist focuses on intercultural working, negotiation, presentations and career coaching. He also advises on and supervises corporate mentoring programmes. He has facilitated effective leadership offsite meetings in a number or countries for a range of clients. Tim also runs intercultural workshops and briefings and is a member of SIETAR – the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research. He is qualified to deliver the Bar-On EQ-i assessment tool.



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Tim's Training Expertise

30 Years of Experience

Recruiting and Search

Delivered search projects on the ground in 20 countries for some of the world's leading multinational firms.

32 Years of Experience


Coached executives in Europe, Asia and the US.

37 Years of Experience

Executive Development

Worked on a range of projects, mostly with executive leadership teams.
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