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Sohail Z.

A Business Speaker from Karachi, Pakistan

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Engaged In Numerous Social Development Initiatives By Aga Khan Development Network.


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International Speaker and Motivational Rollercoaster
Possibly the youngest corporate trainer in the region, the Little Learning Master brings the essence of Love, Passion, Commitment and Excellence to workplace and elsewhere. His strengths are inherent in his personality that makes him adaptable to varying environments and cultures, motivating team members and being a catalyst to inner change.

As a trainer, he have an extensive exposure of training in almost every industry including Banking and Financial Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Media, Agro Science, Chemical, Textiles, Oil and Gas (Exploration and Marketing), Hospitality, FMCG, Cellular and Telecom, Automobiles, Industrial Engineering and IT. With more than 70 loyal clients in 5 different countries and above 15,000 participants trained, Sohail continues to contribute in the national and international learning arena.

Sohail have presented motivational and thought provoking sessions on various national and international platforms. He is listed with numerous International Speakers Bureau and is a regular social contributor in various areas.

Sohail is featured as International Speaker at HR Summit, Singapore and Asia HRD Congress, Malaysia in May 2009.

He is married and lives in / travel from Karachi, Pakistan.



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+12 2
19 Years of Experience

Human Development

Various Personal and Professional Development Courses

+86 22
19 Years of Experience


Personal Leadership Dynamics... featuring the tricks and skills of leading in the modern - crazy, hyper-competitive times.

19 Years of Experience

Career Development

Youth Development and Various Career Development and Strength Enhancement programs
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