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Joy is a Human Resource & Development Specialist with international operational and strategic change management experience. Versatile with proven organisational and interpersonal skills developed in both consultancies and large corporate companies.

Successful in change and performance improvement Joy has been at the forefront of radical change as a consultant to organisations based in Europe and the Middle East, who have been faced with the requirement for increased competitiveness, change and reform that impact organisations at every level.

Joy is ranked amongst the top three consultants on TrainerBase and a founder member of The Trade Association for Learning Practitioners

Relevant Experience & Career History

1999- to date: Managing Consultant at a Training Services

* Design of a competency based performance management system for a Telecommunications Company in Libya

* While at Yemen LNG: Lead consultant, designing programmes to build capability and create cultural change at Yemen LNG. Designing a bespoke competency framework aligned to strategy. Coaching senior managers and stakeholders to enable effective leadership

* Qatar Gas – designing bespoke management programmes to enhance personal and managerial effectiveness

* For Infilco Degremont– Provision of a range of management development programmes and coaching at a engineering facility based in Samra Jordan
Design and delivery of a range of development programmes for senior managers and engineering supervisors at a water treatment facility

* Design of a competency framework Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Evaluating 7 existing frameworks across business divisions of the public sector operation. Designing an updated framework to meet strategic and operational business requirements. Aligning performance management systems to external standards to incorporate ISO, IIP, Health & safety and environmental regulations.

* Training Needs Analysis & Development Planning Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. Amman – Strategic HR planning to identify the competencies required of the organisation influence the strategy & direction of the TRC to optimise their sphere of responsibility to deliver effective telecom regulation

* Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. Amman – Bespoke design of 18 training programmes to develop leadership, management, and key service delivery skills at the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. Delivery of the programmes and post programme coaching to ensure transfer of learning. The aim of this intervention was to develop capacity to meet strategic objectives.

* ADCO – Abu Dhabi. Design and delivery of a range of trainer development programmes for off shore safety instructors

* Design and delivery of a range of change management initiatives for Ejabi Amman

* Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company – Design and delivery of a range of management, leadership, and negotiating skills programmes for senior executives.

* Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company – Design and delivery of a range of development programmes to support the Sudanese nationalisation programme

* Municipality Amman – Design and delivery of 3 day strategic management workshops for senior executives. This initiative was followed up with 2 change management programmes to guide managers towards effective implementation of change initiatives

* Design and delivery of development programmes leadership development, & performance coaching aimed at engineers for USAID at water treatment plant at the Dead Sea Jordan

* Ejada Design and delivery of a 60 day syllabus to develop and assess trainer competencies, including pre and post course assessment mechanisms, ongoing assignments, grading structure. The syllabus was delivered at Abunsair training centre and aimed at training instructors in the clothing industry. Post course coaching encouraged transfer of learning and mentoring

* Jordan Telecom: Lead consultant – Performance Management Systems including document design, training design and delivery for 600 managers and training 4 Arabic trainers to deliver the programmes

1997 – 1999 Senior Consultant – Industri Matematik International
Industri-Matematik International provides World class supply chain management solutions for high volume wholesalers, retail- and manufacturing distribution companies.

* Analysing, mapping and documenting business processes against software functionality, recommending solutions and managing change processes in Hotpoint, Fisher Scientific, Kellogg’s

* Designing end user training manuals, work instructions and procedure manuals for Kellogg’s and Hotpoint

* Delivering end user training in a range of business specific areas, including procurement, sales order management, warehousing systems

1986 - 1997 Regional HR Manager Spicers Ltd
Spicers are Europe’s leading wholesales of office products with a portfolio of over 26,000 products and distribution centres across the UK and Europe.

* An influential member of the management team delivering a HR service including policy interpretation, legal guidance, recruitment and selection grievance and disciplinary support

* Establishing NVQ competency based program’s for employees in various occupational areas including: Customer Service, Sales, Training & Development Units, Warehousing and Distribution NEBSM - Supervisory Management and Diploma in Management Studies

Expertise Portfolio

Human Development

30 Years

Experienced in the design and delivery of effective programmes of development that address core competencies and ensure return on your investment. Works effectively in multi cultural environments

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Performance Management

30 Years

Designed a range of performance management systems and processes including review/appraisal systems, mentoring schemes and competency frameworks

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25 Years

From competency frameworks, regulation and assessment centres or recruitment initiatives. Joy has a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry

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Personal Details

Name & ID Joy W.Joy Wilson, Spectrain - ID 632
Profile Title Human Resource & Development Specialist
Category Consultants
Travels from United Kingdom - Wigan
Citizen of United Kingdom
Gender Female
Age-Group 51 to 55

Good to Know

Languages (fluent) English   English
Worked in Countries United Kingdom  United Arab Emirates  Yemen  Qatar  Kuwait
Libya  Oman. Jordan
            Oman. Jordan
Professional Memberships MCIPD
Hobbies not specified
Availability Globally
Strengths a wealth of global experience combined with a creative approach and a huge sense of humour. Effective in multi cultural environments with considerable experience in the Middle East.


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