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Mohammad A.

A Business Trainer from Salmiyah, Kuwait

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Training & Coaching make change happen

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Training & Coaching to make change happen
I have BA degree in Arts – English Literature, CIPD Diploma in Human Resources Management. I am a member of the Arab Trainers Committee and certified practitioner from Thomas International in job analysis and profiling as well as ISTD Maestro Trainer. Recently, I got certified by Marshal Goldsmith in Global Leadership Assessment (GLA 360), Stakeholders Centered Coaching and Team Stakeholders Centered Coaching.

I conducted training in different countries (GCC, Lebanon, Jordan Algeria and Singapore) and worked with different clients in different public and private sectors (Banks, Oil, Retail, Telecommunication)

I have been in coaching since 2013 and run different coaching trainings in addition to 1:1 sessions. I joined OTD UK 2017 as a business coach and worked in different coaching projects.

Previously, I worked in different projects for different companies like ATS, Astellas, NBK, Boubyan Bank, Ahli Bank, Gulf Bank, KDD, MARS, Philip Morris, Almarai, Alshaya and Kuwait Petroleum Training Center, as well, I occupied different training positions from trainer to employee development manager.

I developed certain core areas in my previous jobs, like curricula, career center, training culture and TNA that facilitated in reducing time consumption and better customer targeting.

I am flexible & dedicated personality, who always aim at achieving training objectives in a fun and simple interactive way. With high motivation and engagement, I am intrinsically capable of motivating, enhancing and developing people skills.



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Mohammad's Training Expertise

14 Years of Experience

Human Development

I worked in different areas in different business fields with different organizations in developing work forces

14 Years of Experience

Education and Training

I have been in training since almost 2005 and worked in organizations and independently in the field of training

11 Years of Experience


I worked both on 1 to 1 coaching and team coaching, some which was for one time while others on a process of a scheduled meeting to ensure change happens and results are acknowledged
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