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Jocelyn H.

A Business Trainer from Southampton, United Kingdom

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Highly-rated Seminar Presenter and Trainer
Jocelyn is a consistently highly-rated seminar presenter and trainer. A training and development professional of more than 25 years’ standing, she has had direct management experience of a range of industries as diverse as retail and telecommunications.

She is a member of the CIPD and British Psychological Society; a qualified user of personality profiling tools and an NLP practitioner.

As a pragmatist, Jocelyn has a hands-on approach to training design and delivery focussing on professionalism, effectiveness and adding value. She is a strong advocate of training for a reason, taking a practical approach that aims to provide delegates and organisations with valuable content, readily transferable to the workplace. The results of this approach are plain to see in the very positive feedback from delegates.

An independent consultant since 1998, her clients include Warner Brothers; Turner Broadcasting; Hertfordshire County Council; BT Mobile; Sony Ericsson; O2; Motorola; The RFU, HarperCollins Publishing and many others.



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Jocelyn's Training Expertise

40 Years of Experience

Career Development

Coaching and career development programmes at all levels from junior management upwards.

40 Years of Experience

Human Development

All the programmes I run are soft skills based.

40 Years of Experience

Education and Training

My entire career has been spent in the arena of Education and Training
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