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Professional Advisor for Business Improvement & Development
Doug has successfully delivered business consultancy and management over the past 20 years, working in and leading complex programmes and projects as a consultant, manager and director.

Specialising in winning and conducting business across the Middle East he is an expert in organising international teams and managing cross cultural challenges.

He has led the mobilisation and implementation of large programmes involving hundreds of staff and suppliers across three continents.

Doug is a Certified Consultant within the Institute of Business Consultancy and a Chartered Member of the Chartered Management Institute. In addition Doug is a Chartered member of the British Computer Society and has obtained the Practitioner Qualification within the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

Doug is also a member of the Institute of Directors.

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Douglass H.

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Douglass H.
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Energegic And A Good Communicator With A Background Of High Performance Delivery Under Pressure.Extensive Experience In Leading Project Teams With Different Aims And Objectives.Expert In Middle East Business.



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Douglass's Expertise

Douglass H.

General Management

23 Years of Experience
Business Director that has organised, mobilised and led large teams delivering against challenging business objectives.

Broad experience in management, organisation, mobilisation and business startup, leadership, commercial and Quality Assurance.

Delivers value in acting as a coach and an interim director to existing business teams. He is a clear thinker that has developed business strategies. Focusses team on business priorities and developing the correct relationships.

His experienced is grounded in over 10 years experience across business in various senior positions as a consultant and director.

Project Management

23 Years of Experience
Delivered several complex IT, IS and communications programmes as project manager and project director (upto $500M). International (UK and USA) and local (ME) supply base.

Expert in delivery strategy, team mobilisation, schedule formulation, organisation, customer and partner relationships and risk management.

Delivers value in acting as an interim manager or consultant supporting teams during strategy formulation, mobilisation or change. Focusses team on customer and business priorities.

His experience is based upon over 10 years experience leading project and programme delivery using formal project management methods.
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Business Development

23 Years of Experience
Expert in all aspects of business development. Including selection of business to win, formulation of win strategy, competitive analysis, writing the bid, business development processes and closing the deal through negotiation.

Adds value as an expert in all aspects of busines development including training of techniques and processes. Facilitator and coach supporting existing teams in becoming effective and making the correct decisions.

His experience is based upon 10 years leading new business campaigns in competitive situations across the Middle East and elsewhere. Has led negotiations on contracts worth $100Ms.
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Douglass H.
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Douglass H.
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