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Akbar B.

A Consultant from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Akbar's Specialty

Every crises offers numerous opportunities and exploring them is the basic step towards finding a winning solution.

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Akbar's Consulting Profile

AB Consultant
I have distinctive expertise in Management, Business Re-Engineering, Marketing, Brand development, Advertising and Media. With over twenty years experience in Gulf countries and India, I can offer my consultancy services in all above disciplines. Below are the excerpts of my knowledge and skills in respective disciplines.:

Specialized in achieving organizational goals, aligning their structure and business processes with their core ideology in developing leadership and operational management
Specialized in performance excellence, leadership development and change management
Organizational analyses, diagnosis, and competitiveness retaining ability
Organizational restructuring and re-engineering
Manpower assessment and job evaluation

Business Re-Engineering:
Improve enterprise competitiveness through in-house workshops for senior management to develop strategic road maps
Develop entrepreneurship within the company leadership and align the skills to benefit organization
Prevent leadership vacuum by implementing leadership development scheme to sustain the growth at all company divisions and departments

Specialized in developing winning marketing strategies by studying the market leaders, followers, attackers, potential, growth and trend
Study the grey and hidden sequences
Calibrate organizational performances to propel strong growth by maintaining momentum within the team
Set goals oriented command structure (prepare the marketing team to handle market intelligence battle)
Understand supply chain
Create and sustain demand chain
Develop multiple revenue centers / options
Set KPI to transgress market bench marks

Brand Development:
Conceive brand value and truth
Define brand growth and extension
Build brand and customer relationship
Create attitudinal allegiance (presence, relevance, advantage and bonding)
Develop winning mindset among management and customers
Brand equity (consistency in presence and delivery, part of customers personality and own by customers)
Brand evolution (grow with market beyond generations and variants)

Advertising and Media:
Specialized in developing advertising strategy to achieve the marketing goals by evaluating competitors communication performances, such as creative and message delivery, media utilization, advertisement investments in media, online, print and PR buzz, social media profiles and activities
Media analyses and evaluate industry communication trend
Creative analyses, ideation and conceptualization
Media Productions such as Television commercials, Radio advertisements, POS, Print, Outdoor and Digital
Social media content analyses, development, marketing, engagement and measurements



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Akbar's Consulting Expertise

29 Years of Experience

General Management

Periodical study on existing system and work flow
Periodical study on senior and middle management operational functions
Rejuvenate communication and task accomplishments
Develop and monitor support system (employment loyalty and retention, business & brand orientation and representation level, process & systems improvement, cost reduction, productivity gain sharing schemes and integrated performance management)

The process of competitiveness architecture includes:
Strategic Management
Operating Management
Human Resources Management
Technology Management
Customer Concern / Service Management
Socially Centered Process
Social Profile Management
Social Selling Management

25 Years of Experience

Marketing Management

Analyze Mind and Market with my own specially developed Market Tools known as MARKET FIT
Market fit includes:
Physical Fit
Rational Fit
Emotional Fit
Creative Fit
Visual Fit
Media Fit
Supply chain Fit
Management Fit
Budget Fit

19 Years of Experience

Branding, Brand Delivery

Develop winning brand strategy
Market Research Analyses
Competitive assessments and evaluation
Testing and formulating brand architecture, philosophy and simplification
Simplify the communication
Develop engaging advertisement with innovative and inquisitive placements
Measure the performances of both traditional and social media advertisements against industry KPI
Convert Social media to Social Selling by listening (who, what, how and where)
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