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The Keynote Speaker who makes you think!
A highly-respected business futurist and a renowned global thought-leader, he stimulates people to think differently about work, leadership and the future. A powerful, engaging and knowledgeable presenter, he has been called a 'business visionary' by The Futurist magazine.

As an international keynote speaker, his clients rave about his ability to provoke new ways to think about their work, their organizations, and their own futures. He's a champion of the human spirit and a cheerleader for the power of conscious intentionality in business life and work in general.

All of John's keynotes contain one core message: 'The quality of the life and work of industrialized human beings - and the legacy they leave to successive generations - can be incredibly improved by making everyday choices more consciously.'

A veteran businessman for over three decades, he started his first business when he was only 18 years old. Since then, he's owned and operated an advertising agency, co-founded and served as Managing Director of a real estate investment company, ran two investment securities firms and was the Editor-in-Chief of a specialty business book publishing house.

Since the mid-1970s, he's also been exploring the field of human consciousness and potentiality - particularly how they meld with work and business life. His talks apply equally well in any industry, sector or enterprise.

John's recent clients include:

J. P. Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford University Graduate Business School, European Commission (Belgium), The Futures Foundation (Australia) , JFK University , University of California at Berkeley, Commonwealth Club of California, Australian Institute of Management, University of San Francisco Business School, Grace Cathedral, The Presidio Dialogues, The Club of Budapest (Hungary), The Economic Roundtable, Fast Company magazine's Company of Friends, World Business Academy, Human Resource Professional Association of Ontario (HRPAO), Griffith University (Australia), Presidio World College, California State Automobile Association, Harvard Business School Alumni - Northern California, Company of Leaders, Institute of Noetic Sciences (Frontiers of Consciousness Lecture Series), International Spirit at Work Awards, University of West Indies Business School (Trinidad-Tabago), State of Wyoming Small Business Development Center, Claremont College's Center for Process Studies, Parceiros Voluntarios (Brazil), Ethos Institute (Brazil), Willis Harman House (Brazil), Brazil Futures Group (Brazil), U.S. Consulate Corp (Brazil), California Workforce Association, Summit for the Future 2006 (The Netherlands), "eco6" CSR / SRI conference (Switzerland) , World Business Academy (US, South Korea, UK and Japan), World Future Society, along with other academic venues research institutions membership associations and corporations.

His speaking engagements have taken him to Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Australia's Gold Coast, Brisbane, Caracas, Mazatlan, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Port-of-Spain, Budapest and many venues throughout the United States.

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Twelve books published and hundreds of articles since mid-1980s (see .com website)

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John R.


38 Years of Experience
Written and given talks on organizational and social transfromations since the mid-1980s
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Corporate Culture

38 Years of Experience
Corporate culture change has been at the core of my wriitngs and work since the mid-1980s
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24 Years of Experience
Audiences have been finding my talks and writings to be inspirational, getting excited about new possibilities for improved perfomance and greater fulfillment in their work
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Business Articles by John

John R.
6 High-Value, Free, Ad-Free & Full-Text Articles

Becoming A Conscious Leader: A Call For New Leadership For New Times

For the first time in history, we humans have the opportunity to participate in our evolution. Never before has a species possessed the ability to choose ...
52   |   3.63 K   |   6 min

The Director As Steward Of The Corporate Soul

People being asked to serve on boards these days are justifiably concerned with matters of liability, compliance, and takeovers. They can expect to spend ...
50   |   3.59 K   |   4 min

Conscious Leadership: Taking Responsibility For Our Better Future

Perhaps the time has come to look at the way we lead others in a more relevant-to-reality fashion?
50   |   3.55 K   |   6 min

Exploring Who We Are And What We Want

Some years back, before voicemail, a friend of mine recorded a memorable message on his answering machine. As I recall, it went something like this: "Hi, ...
50   |   3.06 K   |   5 min

A Crisis Of Commitment

Has it become “socially acceptable” that is, we have grown accustomed to people failing to do what they say and we let them off the hook?
50   |   854   |   8 min

The Biggest Crisis In The World

The biggest crisis in the world today may not be what you thought it may be.
112   |   780   |   5 min

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