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Shelina V.  
A Trainer from Irvine, United States

Residential and Commercial Banking Specialist

Shelina V. United States
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Shelina's Training Portfolio

Education and Training * 19 Years

In-House Training Programs & Workshops designed to provide knowledge, techniques, best practices, industry standards processes, procedures and skills in all aspects of Residential and Commercial Mortgage Sales Production, Product Development, Operations, Risk Management, Servicing, Asset Management

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Risk Management * 29 Years

Specialising in Credit, Compliance, Collateral & Fraud Risks Analysis, Techniques, Applications, Scoring and Modeling in Residential and Commercial Mortgage Financing performing Due Diligence Audits for top Investment Firms & Banking Intitutions.

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Finance, Financial tools * 22 Years

Providing Domain Expertise in Technology solutions, implementation, methodologies, work and process flows in Banking to manage production, operations & risk..

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A professional Trainer, here ...
Shelina V.'s Profile

Residential and Commercial Banking Specialist

Over 20 years experience in all aspects of Residential & Commercial Mortgage Banking and Lending in loan production, operations, servicing and technology with a strong specialisation over 10 years in underwriting loans for front line to due diligence and transaction and risk management in Whole Loan and CMO securitizations.

She has underwritten loans in due diligence for a number of banking, lending and investment firms including Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sach, Lehman, Merrill Lynch and Impac covering credit, compliance and collateral risks in due diligence and transaction management.

Having audited and underwritten loans at an individual and transaction level, she has a unique insight and perspective in lending best practices, procedures, evaluation methodologies, guidelines and assessing patterns of risks in loan documentation, fraud and data. This enables her to achieve a very strong track record in successfully having underwritten quality loan with the lowest default, repurchases and buy back percentages and highest pull-through in loan securitizations.

An active volunteer with Campus MBA at the Mortgage Bankers Association in developing course content for their E-Learning Courses. She is a member of Professional Risk International Managers Association & National Association of Professional Mortgage Women.

Shelina's Specialties:
Risk Management, Banking, Fraud, Underwriting, Due Diligence, Strategic Planning and Project Management.

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Irvine, United States

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PRMIA - Professional Risk Managers International Association NAPMW - National Association of Professional Mortgage Women MBA - Mortgage Bankers Association
Consistent Proficient Diligent Focused Detail Orientated Ethical Integrity Communicative Energetic Motivated Patient and a Good Listener
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Active Volunteer with Campus MBA at Mortgage Bankers Association in Content Development for E-Learning & Workshops
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