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Sunil M.

A Business Trainer from Pune, India

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Sunil's Training Profile

Specialist in trading the currency markets
Sunil is a professional trader and a competent educator & trainer for currency trading.

He devises trading strategies & trading plans for individual traders based on his vast knowledge and in-depth study in the field of technical analysis.

In his years of trading and experience of teaching technical analysis, he realized that applying technical analysis is not enough to be a successful trader.

One can be successful in this exciting, fulfilling and yet demanding business, if and only if, one has a definite plan on how to approach the market.

If a trader has an iron clad "Trading Plan" with the 3M’s (Method, Money, and Mind) it automatically puts the trader into the top 15% bracket of the winners.

Sunil conducts special coaching for developing specific trade plans. His vast repertoire of services also includes Live Trading room training, special webinars on educational topics and advanced trading strategies.



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Sunil's Training Expertise

23 Years of Experience

Education and Training

Education & training to devise personal trading strategies for individual success - With a vast experience and an in-depth knowledge of the factors which can make the trader successful, he has personally trained traders from all over the globe.

Trading has to be treated like any business, where one plans for (your) expectations & contingencies…BEFORE one enters a trade.
It is a profession like any other, and it requires a lot of education and … EXPERIENCE, before one can become successful.

He helps the trader develop a solid trading plan, which would enable success in this field by taking a personal approach & designing a trading plan based on the capital available, expected returns from trading and all other required factors.

In brief, design a success plan, tailored to fit the individual needs and expectations of the trader.

23 Years of Experience

Finance, Financial Tools

Worked as content provider and article writer with different websites

Regular author for technical analysis articles to different magazines like “Traders”, and “The Trading-Journal”

Has also contributed to the educational sections of websites like Trade2Win

Been ‘Director of Education’ with a New York based firm “FxInstructor”, where he would conduct ‘Live trading room’ webinars. Over here, the price action was analyzed and trades taken in real time based on the techniques taught.

Currently holds regular webinars on FxStreet

Is on the Forex Experts panel at the IB Times

Took part in the recent “Asian Trader & Investor Convention” at Mumbai, India and conducted a live seminar on the topic of “Hidden Divergences”.

Selected as a speaker and team leader for the upcoming FXstreet's International Traders Conference (ITC) 2008.

23 Years of Experience

Risk Management

Financial Risk Management -
Design a proper money management plan, which would be built around the technical strategy selected.

This would take into account -
• The Risk management.
• Calculating the position size of each trade.
• The correct amount of risk to be put on each trade.
• Getting the proper Risk-to-Reward ratio for a trade.
• Taking care of unexpected draw downs.
• Avoiding over-trading.
• Increasing the equity curve of the account by designing the correct Win Probability and Win/Loss ratio.
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