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Business Process Reengineering Consultant
Ahlam is currently the managing director of a consulting company based in Jordan. She has more than 10 years of consulting experience; where she played a very active role in developing the operating processes of the Jordan Upgrading and Modernization Programme (JUMP).

She also worked successfully as Advisor to the Competitiveness Team at the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation where she managed, supervised and conducted several cluster studies and worked on creating cluster working groups for the footwear, marble and stone sectors in addition of being part of the working team for the Competitiveness of Governorates initiative.

She has solid experience in the field of work management and business process reengineering as well as in the field of feasibility studies, market studies, and providing organizational restructuring, for many public and private sector clients.

One of her key achievements was the crucial role she played in preparing Jordan?s accession offer to the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). She also advised the Government on its negotiation strategy to the GATS Agreement new negotiation round.

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Ahlam S.

Re Engineering

20 Years of Experience
Analysis of the current status of the client at the organization and operational levels (institutional culture, management behavior, performance measurement systems, employee skills and flexibility, as well as the client?s work processes and procedures) to identify the challenges in the organization and processes that hinder its development and growth. The Developement of the process maps and suggest modifications to the current processes to ensure better utilization of resources, minimize idle time and increase customers? satisfaction.


19 Years of Experience
Including sectoral studies and investment studies, impact assesments, international free trade agreements, competitiveness studies and the creation of governmental institutions that supports a conducive business environment and enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector.

Business Development

25 Years of Experience
Including all the spectrum of studies from market studies, feasibility studies, organizational restructuring, human resource development, strategy formulation, etc.
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Ahlam S.
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