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Don A.

A Consultant from Ottawa, Canada

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Lester has a proven track record as a business leader at the regional, national, and global levels. He is a leader of the change management revolution in business and participated in the development and application of such significant business improvement processes as Re-engineering the Corporation, Values and Performance Management, Six Sigma and LEAN.

Lester’s extensive experience includes but is not limited to: creating customer focused businesses, developing high performance organizations, executive mentoring, process improvement, effecting corporate cultural change and alignment, large-scale project management and B2B solutions.

Selected professional highlights include:

• Created and launched a new contract solutions business strategy generating US$100M new revenue annually. Successfully implemented the business model in North America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

• Implemented an outsource engineering business unit with resources in Canada and India.

• Effected four successful business transformations; 2 turnarounds of US contractors, 1 joint venture in Latin America, and 1 acquisition with merger in Australia.

• Guest speaker at the prestigious event “Creating Customer-Centric Enterprises” hosted by Dr. Michael Hammer

What differentiates him is consistent, successful results. A U.S. citizen and a Canadian resident, Lester currently is focused on transferring his knowledge and methods to those who ask.

Don’s Specialties:
Strategy, understanding situational dynamics, negotiation, creating large scale influence, developing high performance teams. implementing massive change and mentoring



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Don's Consulting Expertise

30 Years of Experience

Re Engineering

• Created and implemented the global process design for a solutions business for a Fortune 500 company.
• Designed new business processes for owner direct selling, project acquisition, project delivery and service.
• Created and implemented the business process of project acquisition and delivery for outsourcing complex engineering designs from the US to Canada and India.
• Trained by Hammer & Company
• Certified in Six Sigma and LEAN

32 Years of Experience

Change Management

Created the global process design for a solutions business to create regional and local office capabilities and to secure and deliver large-scale solutions, including performance contracting and outsourcing. Generated US$60M annually with 30% gross margin

Created contracting as a core process for 100 North American locations of Trane, Div. of American Standard

Created the business process of project acquisition and delivery for outsourcing complex engineering designs from the US to Canada and India

Translated customer needs into process improvement initiatives using Six Sigma and LEAN methodologies

Designed and implemented coaching and training to enable consistent process operation and improved employee performance 9% year over year

Designed and implemented the risk management programs for performance guarantees and project delivery

38 Years of Experience


• CEO, President and VP of major regional contracting companies. Secured and delivered over 500M in on time and profitable contracts in General, Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Fire Alarm, Security and Performance Contracting businesses

• Expert in owner direct selling, estimating, project management, contract management, claims mitigation, process implementation and improvement, change management, and large-scale project management
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