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Marketing and Management Services for the Chemical Industry
Peter has a wealth of experience in chemical industry commercial operations. His expertise includes strategic planning, marketing strategy development and implementation, and market and business assessments.

A seasoned professional with a broad commercial background and leadership experience with global chemical suppliers in North America and the UK, he has a good understanding of industry economics, trends and drivers.

For Marsulex, a major provider of byproduct processing services to refineries and chemical producers, he developed econometric models for projects, made numerous business analyses, identified and assessed new technologies, and recommended potential acquisitions. The work involved targeting of prospects for projects, and support of the proposal development process.

Previously, Peter had 8 years of experience in business management roles for BASF in Canada. He has a BSc Chemistry from UMIST; upon graduation he gained 9 years technical sales and market development experience in the performance chemicals sector in the UK, and in export markets including the Middle East.

In 2005, Peter conducted an update of a major market study for UP resin raw materials. More recently, he worked with a large consultancy to provide a global outlook for petrochemical feedstocks for a major oil producer, and in the past year, he conducted a techno-economic feasibility study of bioplastic production in the UK.

In association with Bernard Carey of Marlin Consulting, Peter developed the concept of Communicating Sustainable Reputation – the new CSR which provides chemical companies with a template to gain competitive advantage through improving their sustainability and reputation.

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Peter R.

Chemistry, Chemicals

45 Years of Experience
His has been on business management, industrial marketing and sales, and business development for manufacturers and distributors in the chemical and related industries.

Marketing - General

45 Years of Experience
Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation / Market and Business Assessments
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Strategic Planning

41 Years of Experience
His particular interest is profit growth through strategies for business sustainability
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