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Richard C.

A Consultant from Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Lean Management Specialist Consultant & Trainer
Richard is a professional manager and a Chartered Engineer with a practical leadership style pursuing Lean Manufacturing techniques based on direct experience with Toyota specialists.

After a solid grounding from 10 years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Richard has delivered successful Lean programmes based on direct experience with Toyota Supplier development team, across a variety of industry sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Food and Drink, notably with organisations such as the BAE Systems, ABB and IMI Plc.

Richard has a Fellowship in Manufacturing Management from Cranfield University to support his direct experience of Lean manufacturing and today, as a consultant, he continues to deliver successful Lean training and Strategic VSM based change programmes across diverse industrial sectors including those on the Arabian Peninsular, India and China.



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Richard's Consulting Expertise

24 Years of Experience

Lean Management

• Creating a Strategy and Vision for the deployment of Pull Systems and Customer Focused, Lean Transformation.
• Inspiring the Senior Executive team to believe the change can happen and be sustained.
• Training and empowering the implementers and existing stakeholders.
• Making a breakthrough using Pilot Processes, 5S, AM etc.
• Identifying opportunities through Value Stream Mapping.
• Selecting the appropriate tools ie Flow, Pull (Kanban), in traditional Engineering Companies.
• Using OEE and improved in Material Yield for Process Industry through TPM and RCM

24 Years of Experience

Change Management

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