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Anthony O.
A specialist Consultant from Manama, Bahrain

Sports Commercial Rights Consultant

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Anthony's Consulting Portfolio

30 Years specialisation in
Event Management

Tony has had over 20 years of experience at senior positions in Events & Entertainment Sponsorship, Marketing, Operations, and Commercial Rights Management.

25 Years specialisation in
Strategic Planning

He has been involved extensively in negotiations and developing strategic ties with a wide range of clients from rights owners and federations to international corporations.

Tony’s advisory work includes several due diligence examinations for potential investors in sports clubs, corporate governance advice, and advice to sports clubs on revenue generation and cost control.

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30 Years specialisation in
Marketing Management

Tony’s recent sports consulting projects include:

Negotiated the biggest football deal in the Middle East on behalf of Etisalat (Mobily) Saudi Arabia. A SR200 Million deal for exclusive commercial and events rights of Al Hilal Club of Saudi Arabia.

Tony has acquired the advertising and sponsorship rights of Qadesia Club premier division football matches for a period of three year. With the agreement of the General Presidency of Youth Welfare (GPYW) Ministry of Sports of Saudi Arabia. Utilizing the rights secured, Tony, signed a three year agreement with Etisalat (Mobily), for on-site advertising during the Club’s matches. The deal is worth Four Million, Five Hundred Thousand Saudi Arabia Riyal (SR4.5) million per annum.

He also played a key role in the acquisition of Saudi Arabian Football Commercial Rights and the set-up of Stadia Media, an events operations entity of RAF & Transworld Publicity Co. LTD

To meet the growing market demands in the GCC region, he established his own event management company - AXEM Sports & Events Management 2005 in Bahrain, with key interest in International events management, marketing, and sponsorships.

Soon after its inception, AXEM has organized and managed state of the art events in Bahrain, particularly PEPSI Start Squad Series Bahrain 2006, Pepsi Street Football Challenge 2007, and Pepsi Street Skillz08.

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Anthony O.'s Profile

Sports Commercial Rights Consultant

Bahrain based Anthony M. is a US national and senior consultant in the Sports Events & Commercial Rights Management.

Tony has had over 20 years of experience at senior positions in Events & Entertainment Sponsorship, Marketing, Operations, and Commercial Rights Management

He has experience across a whole spectrum of sports venues and other consulting assignments, from feasibility studies and business plan development through to strategic and operational reviews, due diligence and strategic planning.
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Manama, Bahrain

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Saudi Sports Federation
Sports Commercial Rights Negotiation & Management
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