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Manish G.

A Business Trainer from Mumbai, India

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Compelling Facilitator
Manish has delivered and facilitated workshops in excess of 6000 man hours, covering areas like Team dynamics, Corporate Breakthrough, Performance Breakthrough, Leadership, Efficiency to Effectiveness, goal setting, besides 1500 man-hours in soft skills training like communication, presentation, interpersonal dynamics, negotiation etc.

Manish has facilitated Business Breakthrough series of workshops covering approx. 6000 members till date

In addition have contributed in excess of 2400 man hours as a lead consultant in undertaking organisational studies/diagnosis, Organisation Structuring, Engagement Surveys, 360 degree feedback, Personality Profiling, designing of HRMS and PMS, Balance score card.

Manish has imparted training at companies like -

DHL,BMC, Deloitte Consulting, Geometric software solutions, Infospectrum USA, Symantec Veritas, cognizant technologies, Honeywell, Bekaert Industries, Kirloskar Pneumatics, Kalyani Group , KEC International, Thermax, Ceat Ltd, Tata tele Services, Tata Motors, Tata Motors Finance, JP Morgan Chase Alfa Laval to name a few.

Manish is on the panel of Tata Motors Limited and Tata Motors Finance Limited to assess their employees on Tata Leadership Practice competency matrix as part of Business Excellence model for their Employee Development initiative.

Manish is a graduate in Science with Post-graduation in Finance (Specialisation in FOREX) and Marketing. He has had extensive training in Coaching, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Personality typing instruments under leading practitioners in India and abroad

Currently he is writing his research paper on Enterprise Behaviour.



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Manish's Training Expertise

27 Years of Experience


Partner with organizations in identifying and developing leadership talent from within and building capacities for taking up higher roles and responsibilities.
Designing and delivering result-oriented leadership development programs and retreats that improve productivity and open the way to exciting opportunities and new perspectives.
Empowering leaders to bring their heart and soul to work, build influence, develop a compelling vision and communicate excitement about the future.

27 Years of Experience


Empowering leaders to bring their heart and soul to work, build influence, develop a compelling vision and communicate excitement about the future.
Customized assessment tools, including 360 Feedback, Organizational surveys, Personal DISC Profile, Time Mastery Profile, as a basis for developing a Personal Leadership Development Plans.

27 Years of Experience

Team Building

Create teams and processes which champion and work passionately towards building an Empowerment, Risk-Taking and Interdependence environment at all levels.
Facilitate the process of evolving a change-oriented organization, fostering Personal Leadership & Innovation at all levels for achieving Business Goals for the organization.
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