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Corporate Etiquette and Protocol
22 Years
Grooming, Appearance
22 Years
22 Years
Rashna graduated from St. Xavier’s College Mumbai with a double major in Economics & Sociology and then went on to do a postgraduate diploma in Advtg. & Mktg. After spending almost seven years in the advertising industry, she soon felt the need to explore newer horizons. Certain that she wanted to remain in a “people-driven” business; she joined the hospitality industry with the Taj Group of Hotels.

Interacting with people from diverse countries with multi-cultural traditions and business practices, she constantly saw how the impression created by an executive could make or break a deal. The fascination with “first-impressions” continued; and thus she spent the next few years researching topics on etiquette and grooming skills. Believing that our educational institutions focus so greatly on academics that the soft-skills side of negotiations and business etiquette are completely ignored.

This belief led to starting an etiquette consulting service for the business world. For the past several years, Rashna has been helping executives acquire the polish necessary to thrive and excel in this ever-changing, global economy.

Today, she is one of the leading Image Consultants to corporate India, and has a wide client base ranging across all sectors of the economy. Her workshops have proved to be extremely personalized and highly practical in everyday business life.

Rashna’s Specialties:

* Increasing productivity
* Improving communication (internally and externally)
* Gaining employee loyalty
* Fostering employee enthusiasm
* Stimulating positive attitudes

Some of her clients include:

ASK Raymond James Securities India Pvt. Ltd., Blue Foods Limited , British Gas, Chlorophyll Brand & Communications Consultancy P. Ltd, ELP (Economic Law Practice Pvt. Ltd), ESJAY International P. Ltd. (CHEMISTRY FASHION CLOTHING), GSPCL (Gujarat State Petroleum Corp. Ltd.), HDFC Bank, Hikal Limited, ICICI Bank, Indian Hotels Company Limited (Taj Group of Hotels, Business Division), J.W. Marriott - Mumbai, Mahanagar Gas Limited, Multiplier Finance & Investments P. Ltd., Princeton Academy Mumbai, SIES College of Commerce & Economics (Mumbai University)

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Corporate Etiquette and Protocol

22 Years

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Grooming, Appearance

22 Years

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought you'd be taken seriously, but weren't?

Like during a business meeting, in the classroom, at a community event, or in some other setting in which you were playing a prominent role? You went in thinking you'd make an impact, but then received either a tepid reception or were outright ignored. When all was said and done, you were left scratching your head, wondering what went wrong.

Sound familiar?

If so, you're not alone. I've seen men and woman both step in front of a group of people to teach, preach, demonstrate, or debate, only to be overlooked or dismissed. And almost every time, it was because of what they were wearing.

Or rather, what they weren't wearing: authority pieces.

Authority pieces are clothing items that establish credibility and point to your aptitude and include key elements like collars, sleeves, and jackets in firm fabrics and neutral colors. Authority pieces lend substance, then instantly fade into the background to allow your audience to focus on your words or abilities. With them, you're viewed as competent enough to command attention; without them, you're not. In fact, you may even be ridiculed or overlooked, depending on the situation.

So what does it take to dress well? A lot of money? A perfect figure? An enormous closet? Nope.

Dressing well is a lot like cooking well or painting well or playing the piano well: once you learn the basics and apply them repeatedly, you become proficient. Like a botched sauce or a missed chord, you begin to recognize your clothing missteps and in time, you stop making them. All it takes is a little practice.

But as I look around at people on the streets and see how they present themselves, it's apparent that many have never learned the basics. They may know that they're supposed to wear certain types of clothes to certain functions, but they're missing the main ingredient: how to dress for success.

In a world where everyone is different, one size does NOT fit all. Thus, learning how to dress yourself becomes the essential ingredient in dressing well.

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22 Years

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Personal Details

Name & ID Rashna B.Rashna Bilimoria, Corporate Plus - ID 587
Profile Title Corporate Etiquette, Grooming, Image Consultant & Life Coach
Category Trainers
Travels from India - Mumbai
Citizen of India
Gender Female
Age-Group 46 to 50

Good to Know

Languages (fluent) English  Hindi  English, Hindi
Worked in Countries India   
Professional Memberships not specified
Hobbies Travelling, Reading, Learning to Salsa
Availability Globally
Strengths Strong Inter-personal skills,
Task oriented,
Maintaining relationships is always a priority


PopIndex * 4 - Excellent
Profile Views 14555

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