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Jozefa F.

A Business Trainer from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

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Jozefa's Training Profile

Experienced Learning Consultant
Highly articulate and forward thinking champion of Personal & Organisational Learning, & Development using up to date learning and communication techniques such as eLearning, Blogging, Open Space Technology, discussion forums and other Knowledge Management principles in training design and delivery.

Skilled as a communicator , learning practitioner and networking professional, adept at building communities and developing links across professional boundaries. Key strengths include: entrepreneurial; innovative; energetic and pragmatic, skills that have been well used in overcoming resistance to change in many different organisational settings. Experience spreads across a wide range of Organisational Learning & Development, Management Development and Training areas, with networking links to fellow professionals across UK, Europe and US.

With a career that spans some 29 years, her work has taken her from make-up artist to promotional consultant, sales executive to recruitment consultant and then on to a range of management, training and development roles across the private and the public sector.

Her deep interest is in the interrelationship between individuals, teams and the organisational culture and systems they work in. She seeks to help others develop an understanding of the value of existing organisational knowledge, seeing this as fundamental and ultimately leading to successful performance management, information and knowledge-sharing and Organisational Learning and Development (OL&D).

She has published in a series of practitioner journals and is also an enthusiastic and experienced speaker in subjects such as Knowledge Development, eLearning and Shared Services. She has chaired and presented at many domestic UK and European seminars and conferences and held numerous pre and post-conference workshops.

As a part time Lecturer at a London University she teaches on the CIPD Post-Graduate Masters programme in Personnel & Development specialising in Learning and Development, Training Delivery & Design and Management Development.

She is a Member of the Chartered Insititute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM), the Institute for Leadership & Management (InstLM) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

She is an Executive Board member of the European Consortium for the Learning Organisation (ECLO), Vice Chair of the (IHM) London Regional Council, and a regular contributor to various online networking and discussion groups spanning UK, Europe and US.



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Jozefa's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience

Blended Training, Learning

Project Management of one of the first regional eLearning and Knowledge Management project with ??m funding from Dept. of Health (UK)
National Implementation Guide for UK National Health Service Trusts to support introduction of eLearning Induction programmes
Inspirational Leadership Programme? for middle managers (design and delivery)
Community HealthCare Navigator Programme (UK Health Service)
Appraisal & Personal Development Planning process design and implementation
Blended learning policy and procedure information, advice and guidance
Appraisal & PDP Training for staff and managers (UK Health Service)
Service Improvement Training for health staff working in community
Train the Trainer programmes
Personal Development Planning for low-paid, low-skilled (LPLS) workers
Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training
Scoping Audit for nursing and medical education and training
eLearning Master Class for Scottish Healthcare Executive
Appraisal Toolkit development to support whole system change
Employment Support for low-paid, low-skilled (LPLS) workers
Management Training Programme for Russian and NIS Managers
Policy development to support Appraisal implementation
Policy development to underpin Lifelong Learning plans
Researcher and Trainer EU funded Trans-national project into Corporate Universities
Practice Evidence Gathering into Basic Key Skills Programme (UK SE England Development-funded)

20 Years of Experience

Community Development

Creation of the first Community of Partnership - a blend of concepts from Business Networking; Organisational Development and Communities of Practice. This unique approach is the first in the UK to support sustainable economic growth within a select regional area and promote Independent Business Professionals to local business. More information available on

27 Years of Experience

Conventions, Conferences

Conf organiser/Speaker: Creating Capacity for Change, ECLO Conference (Prague) - 2006
Speaker: People and Change ? Eastern European Managers Programme (Manchester) - 2005
Speaker: Transformation the ultimate learning process, ECLO Conference (Birmingham) - 2005
Speaker: Leadership for Learning, ECLO Conference, (Dublin) - 2004
Speaker/Facilitator: KM Europe 2004, (Amsterdam) - 2004
Speaker: KM and Leadership, Institute of Healthcare Management Conference (Telford) - 2003
Workshop: KM in Health & Social Care, Conference (London) - 2003
Speaker: Measuring Knowledge Value, Conference (London) - 2003
Speaker: Learning Technologies eLearning & HR, Conference (London) - 2003
Speaker: Improving performance through eLearning, NICE, Conference (Birmingham) - 2002
Chair: Shared Services & Outsourcing Think Tank Conference (London) - 2002
Workshop facilitator: KM in the Public Sector, Conference (London) - 2002
Speaker: eLearning and Knowledge Management, Conference (London) - 2002
Speaker: Implementing National Vocational Qualifications's in Health Care, BTEC Conference (London) - 1997
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