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Mirza Shahid B.

A Business Trainer from Karachi, Pakistan

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Mirza Shahid's Specialty

We carry out the mission by working on mindsets and self-beliefs to the new possibilities by proving that collectively and individually they are capable of doing more than they thought possible.

We have the vision to see the young rather all the professionals and educated generation to be focused on progress, prosperity and personal growth. We want leading organizations execute flawlessly through up to the mark trained professionals.

Mirza Shahid's Experience Map

Mirza Shahid's Training Profile

A Knowledge Worker
Shahid excels in developing human potential. He is a teacher, trainer, coach, motivational speaker and management consultant, especially in the field of sales and marketing.

He served American Cyanamid and American Home Products as trainer across all levels and department and has carried out the transformation process in these companies in Pakistan.

Goals of workshops and personal coaching sessions include:
Gaining and practicing new skills
Having fun to ensure learning
Evaluation of communicating and learning
Interactive learning through involvement

Communication Skills, Customer Service, Sales Strategies, Managerial Training, Stress in the Workplace, Time Management & Organizational Skills, Problem Solving Techniques, High Performance Team Building & Managing, Presentation Skills, Motivational and Leadership Training, Effective Meetings, Transition and Change, Dealing with Difficult People, Train the Trainer, Gender Differences in Communication, Personality Typing, Interviewing Tips, Memory, Personal Coaching and Customized Sessions

He has converted sales and marketing courses to meet local requirements for the pharmaceutical industry, where he has served pharmaceuticals for 23 years in different capacities. Besides marketing, sales and management training he has also conducted courses on pharmaceutical products knowledge.

Shahid has attended a number of courses that include customer focused selling, Rep-1, Rep-2 transformation and competencies in different countries. He has also conducted a workshop in Dubai on customer focused selling as co-trainer with Vincent F Peters, founder of Black-dog publishing company USA and a renowned trainer.

Shahid is working on employability skills in collaboration with educational institutes and providing free consultation to individuals from low income backgrounds.

Shahid served many local and multinational companies including chemical and pharmaceuticals; consumer and engineering industries. He is also providing consultancy to companies in developing marketing campaign for new products� launch.

Shahid has a visionary passion to benchmark professional ethics and unveil or develop human potential. He uniquely combines the fields of Human Services like attitudes, behaviors, etiquettes, life coaching, counseling, recruitment and interpersonal interactions.
His passion is to understand and work with individuals and corporate organizations and help them discover and achieve their highest potential. TKW team is made up of sound professionals with vast experience in the fields of social aspects training, counseling, coaching, etiquette training, recruitment and organizational behavior with combined experience in our various fields covering interactions with almost all the fields like automotive, telecommunication, media, retail, education, banking, petroleum, power, paint, insurance, shipping, pharmaceuticals and corporate and private organizations



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Mirza Shahid's Training Expertise

26 Years of Experience

Blended Training, Learning

New company launch
New products development
Training both subjects and selling skills

19 Years of Experience


Transformation Paradigm shift Revitalization
Our training focuses exclusively on developing human potential & maximizing profits through coaching, interacting, following and dealing with both internal and external customers. We use audio-visual lectures, directed questions, group discussions, role-plays and exercises to make them think out of the box.
TNA, Material Development, Execution, Evaluation & Follow-up

26 Years of Experience


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