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Stuart H.

A Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

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Oil Industry Management Consultant
This oil industry expert is Principal of a well established Management Consultancy firm in the UK. After 30 years service, he left BP some 10 years ago to establish his own Consultancy.

Stuart was head of BP’s Retail business in the United Kingdom, and a Director of several of BP’s daughter companies. During his career with BP, he also managed the company’s retail business activities in sales and marketing, real estate, engineering, investment, site, network and property management, as well as New Ventures.

Stuart was the United Kingdom Oil Industry’s representative on the UK Government body which revised Health and Safety practices and procedures on retail service stations, and on the U.K. Government’s “De-regulation Unit” Task Force.

As well as providing business consultancy services he also designs, managers and implements training programmes in Retail Oil Industry business matters for many leading oil companies and for business strategy companies.

These activities are both as independent consultant trainer and on behalf of several of the foremost International Training Providers.

As well as throughout Europe, Stuart has run courses in Russia, South Africa, Malaysia, India, and has forthcoming events in Oxford, London, Rome, Miami and Singapore,

Stuart is a respected member of the oil industry community, a regular contributor to industry publications and conferences and a member of The Institute of Petroleum.



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Stuart's Training Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Managed business portfolio of over 2000 Service Stations as well as 400 BP staff with substantial capital and revenue budgets

Leadership Business Training & Course Design
Course Director and Associate Professor for several International Training Providers

Training Oil Company Managers in and from numerous countries in The Essential Elements of How to Succeed in Retailing in the Oil Industry

Leadership: Various Posts with BP and other companies. Leading and inspiring teams of associates in good and bad times to produce the best business results we could

45 Years of Experience

Business Strategy

Managed "think tank" project reporting to Board on future development of retail business, including trialling new concepts and leading negotiations with public bodies and primary suppliers.

45 Years of Experience

Marketing - General

Managing in times of severe competition in the market place - producing profits at times when margins where falling
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