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Brendan S.

A Business Trainer from Limerick, Ireland

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Brendan's Specialty

I am a lecturer and book author on Maintenance and Facilities Management. I have over 35 years experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Brendan has over 35 years knowledge and experience (including ATEX, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic qualifications) in the engineering industry.

He is the Maintenance and Facilities Manager of a large and very successful Pharmaceutical company who have been in business for over 40 years.

He is also an international lecturer in both Maintenance and Facilities Management. His lectures are about helping your company to reduce costs, increase efficiency, save time, solve problems, improve machinery up-time and freeing up capital. And just as important you will learn the relevant soft skills needed to help you interact professionally, efficiently and effectively with people both inside and outside your organisation in the pursuit of maintaining your company's goals and objectives.



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Brendan's Training Expertise

27 Years of Experience

Facilities Management

I have extensive technical and hands on experience in Facilities Management also in Electrical Engineering and Automated Production Processes in Industrial Chemical & API manufacturing environments.

42 Years of Experience


Part of my remit involves maintaining the effective and efficient operation of all operational bespoke plant machinery using Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) techniques and strategies in a highly regulated environment. My role also involves ensuring the effective and efficient operation of all utilities (36 systems in total) under the remit of the Engineering Department and to ensure that all utilities are available for use by providing the necessary services to our core business.

22 Years of Experience

Train the Trainer

Knowledge Management: I provide vast technical experience, mentoring, coaching, didactic training courses and advice regarding site plant equipment to management, facilities, maintenance and operational personnel.
Implementing Change Management.
Development and performance management of the engineering team.
Provide coaching in GDP, cGMP practices and quality systems.
Implement Lean Maintenance with Continuous Improvement.
Lean & Six Sigma - Maintainability & Reliability.
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