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Lars B.

A Consultant from Beirut, Lebanon

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Knight Of The Sovereign Military Order Of The Temple Of Jerusalem. Officer Of The Military And Hospitaller Order Of Saint Lazarus Of Jerusalem.


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Maritime Consultant
With a background as a Master Mariner and an Officer in the Royal Swedish Naval Reserve, Lars has an extensive experience of maritime safety and security. As a Senior Administrative Officer, he has worked with merchant navy security and defence at the Swedish Maritime Administration and with maritime safety communications at the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency. Further, as a Chief Officer with international tanker companies, he has the experience of preparing ships for hostile waters around the world.

He is certified as a Ship Security Officer by the Swedish Transport Agency, and is holding Company Security Officer/Port Facility Security Officer qualifications.

As an United Nations Military Observer, he has served in theatres of war in the Middle East and former Yugoslavia.

Apart from maritime/naval qualifications, he has an academic background with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics from Göteborg University and a Master of Science degree in Shipping and Maritime Studies from Liverpool John Moores University.

Lars is a Freeman of The Honourable Company of Master Mariners, a Member of The Center for International Maritime Security and an Associate Member of The Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies.

Further, he has been appointed as a Flag State Inspector for St.Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Sierra Leone and Vanuatu.

In addition, he works on a freelance basis as a cargo superintendent and oil loss controller.



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Lars's Consulting Expertise

45 Years of Experience


Maritime Security
- Maritime Piracy
- Maritime Terrorism
- ISPS Code
- Best Management Practice (BMP4)
- Maritime Safety
- Flag State Inspections
- Oil Loss Control
- Cargo Superintendency
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