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Muntazir A.

A Business Trainer from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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- Dedicated Creativity Within The Constraints Of Practicality- Strong Believer Of Leading By Example And IBL Interaction Based Learning- Ability To Take Strong Critique- Strong Analysis Skills With Ability To Read Between Numbers


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Muntazir's Training Profile

Consultant, Trainer & Coach
Muntazir is a marketer by heart and salesman in action; for over 7 years, he has assisted many brands of different sizes, in various capacities and diversified locations – for building up their brand, markets and sales numbers.

Initiator of digital marketing and branding activities, digital selling activities and online BTL activities and campaigns in Pakistan

As a Consultant, assisted a number of SMEs and Entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams i.e. for establishing and growing their business.

An International Trainer - served in both Corporate and Academic sectors, both as a Trainer and a Consultant. And a respected teacher for all the contributions made to the knowledge of classrooms, training programs, seminars, etc.

Some of the served brands include: Pizza Hut, KFC, foodpanda, Standard Chartered Bank, Samsung, Magrudy’s, Tim Hortons, Al Ghurair Investments, Mashreq Bank, United King, Bank Alfalah, SMEDA – Pakistan, Inbox Business Technologies, Liberty Books, Herbion, etc.

Specialties as a Marketer: From unbranded to branded, turning on the brands – making the brands excel in sales, generating numbers

Specialties as a Trainer: Embedding the need of the skill set in audience and then catering to the need



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Muntazir's Training Specialties

+8 3
15 Years of Experience

Branding, Brand Delivery

Expertise in:

- ATL, BTL, Retail and Digital Branding and Marketing
- Co-branding, Strategic Alliance, and Traffic Exchange Programs
- Strategic Marketing Planning
- Vision Oriented Marketing (VOM)
- B2B and B2C Branding
- Geo-demographic Customized Campaigns

+53 1
15 Years of Experience

Education and Training

- A Visiting Faculty at various universities in Pakistan for Post-Graduate level students

- Conducting various training programs related, but not restricted, to:

-- Management
-- Marketing
-- Sales
-- Supply Chain Management
-- Human Resources
-- Digital Marketing
-- Soft skills
-- Small Business Marketing
-- Small Business Management

+11 2
15 Years of Experience

Softskills Development

Following is the list of some of the courses that I have conducted alongside the hours of those training - the hours may vary depending on the level of knowledge of the audience in further cases:

- Essential Soft-skills for SME Owners - 16 hours training
- Importance of Negotiation: from Grocery to Salary - 8 hours training
- Essence and Need of Digital Marketing - 8 hours workshop
- Developing Vision - 8 hours workshop
- gning Vision with Brand Management - 8 hours workshop
- Enhancing Communication Skills - 8/16/24 hours training
- Developing Relationships is Primary - Sales comes later - 16 hours training
- Branding SMEs - 8 hours workshop
- Brand Management for Start-ups - 16 hours workshop
- Branding Yourself in Corporate World for Fresh Graduates - 36 hours workshop
- Branding Yourself in Corporate World for Working Professionals - 36 hours workshop

These are some examples of the training and workshops that I have conducted; more can be developed in a customized manner to cater to any target audience.
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