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Hire Ron S., a brainy Consultant from Highland Beach, FL | expertbase
Ron S.  
A Consultant from Highland Beach, FL, United States

Petroleum Distribution and Convenience Retailing Expert

Hire Ron S., a brainy Consultant from Highland Beach, FL | expertbase
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Ron's Consulting Portfolio

Branding, Brand Delivery * 32 Years

Have started three successful Convenience and Fuel brands from scatch. Have helped improve and fine-tune branding message for numerous chains and brands, both domestic US and International.

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Management * 32 Years

Operations, Staffing, training and organizational expert. Have successfullly revamped and upgraded operations both in US and internationally.

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Blended Training, Learning * 32 Years

Using "Brand Messenger" training, infused entire organizations with consumer friendly and competent staffs, from fisrst-line contact associates through General Manager and COO levels.

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Ron S.'s Profile

Petroleum Distribution and Convenience Retailing Expert

Ron is the principal for a high-level consulting practice, specializing in Convenience Store chains, Petroleum Distribution and station Truck stop properties. He provides ongoing executive leadership and strategic programs to clients turning over $800+ million annually in business, concentrating on benchmarking and improving performance, brand creation and growth, improving employee performance and training, and tactical marketing approaches. Confidentially providing retail pricing for motor fuels for numerous US jobbers and foreign marketers 2000-currently.

Ron is an accomplished executive, with domestic and international experience in successfully leading varying operations, P & L Responsibility, product distribution, and marketing, including developing and building multiple brands and concepts, including proprietary foodservice and fuel brands from scratch. Involved in leading management roles for 27+ years, building businesses from inception or start-ups to market leaders.

Ron has experience in starting consumer convenience brands from scratch, and developed a petroleum and fuel pricing ASP from inception through successful operation. He has experience in consulting on strategy, marketing, general management and processes, as well as award-winning store design and merchandise planning. Ron is a petroleum motor fuels distribution and retailing expert who has site planning and development expertise, both in the domestic US market and abroad. He is also an expert in QSR marketing and competition, new business concept development and brand initiation and growth. He is knowledgeable on benchmarking and process evaluation for multiple disciplines.
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