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Motivational Style Trainer and Coach
Taking managers to their ultimate goals and developing their business acumen through successful people Motivational practitioner that has experience in leading people towards their personal goals and being the best they can be. Uses real life situations, creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Cathy has had over 20 years experience working in management at a senior level in both retail and education sectors. Since 1992 she has been involved in training and consultancy working on strategic marketing planning projects and customer care and management skills training.

During 1999 and 2000 Cathy worked with the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce helping local retailers with marketing planning, customer relationship management and merchandising skills.
Cathy has gained international marketing experience through setting up student recruitment agencies in China, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Taiwan and Turkey.

Since 2000 Cathy has acted as Group Director at the annual Retail Management Summer School at Keble College, Oxford. Run by the British Shops and Stores Association she takes a group of retail managers through a residential week of finance, merchandising, leadership skills and marketing.

Cathy has developed thousands of front line personnel to be the best they can be in respect of customer relations and people management. She understands today's business environment and customer behaviour and offers in workshop style sessions the chance to learn the techniques that will help give your organisation the edge over competitors.

Cathy is known for her motivational style in developing people through one to one and group training. Her experience as a training practitioner and facilitator using various training methods ensures retention and application of skills in the workplace. She enjoys a wide variety of service clients, which helps her to bring best practice to all training sessions.

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Cathy J.

Branding, Brand Delivery

37 Years of Experience
Using branding to develop individuals towards career goals. Seeing themselves as a unique brand and using skills of persuasion, communication, presentation and creativity.

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37 Years of Experience
Combining the traditional management skills of decision making, delegation, time management, problem solving, leadership and communication with 21st century skills such as coaching, motivation, and creative thinking, Cathy has developed a series of inspirational courses:

Liberated Leadership
8 workshops combined to develop the first line manager. Each one-day workshop is also stand-alone.

Essential Supervisory Skills
A certificated course ideal for those just starting out in their management career. Also available as a self-learning pack. The Company is an Approved Provider for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).
Unlocking creativity

Managers need to be creative not only with ideas for organisational growth but also for problem solving and motivating people. This course is designed to unlock creative ideas and innovation.

Master Motivator
How do you get people to do things for you because they want to? This one-day workshop develops the manager as a master motivator enabling more quality and creativity in the workplace.

Reach 4 the Stars
For managers that want to focus on their personal development this one-day workshop provides practical help in 4 key areas:

* Energising yourself
* Setting goals
* Presentation skills
* Developing your own management style

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CRM, Customer Relations Management

37 Years of Experience
After years of working in the service sector Cathy couldn't fail to realise the importance of customers in the 'whole profit' thing.

Competitive advantage is the key to a successful organisation and customers are at the top of the list! Exceed their expectations or 'delight' them as they say on the text books but whatever you do put them first and get your organisation noticed in the vast ocean of competition (fishy theme again!). She offers consultancy and training in CRM matters such as:

* Developing a customer orientation
* Writing customer service policies
* Managing databases and using them effectively
* Training in customer care, motivational selling and buyer behaviour
* Integrated promotional techniques

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