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Renewable Energy, Climate Change & Social & Env Compliance
Mustafa has more than twelve years work and research experiences in the areas of renewable energies, green economy, climate change and sustainability. He is serving as an expert in projects and programs led by international development and research organisations, mainly the German International Cooperation, German Watch, Wuppertal Institute for climate, environment and energy and other development and research organizations based in France, Italy and MENA region.

Previously, he contributed in reports coordinated by international agencies and academia, mainly the Global Renewable energy status 2014, and the green economy best practices.

Mustafa graduated in engineering from the IAV Hassan II institute (Rabat, Morocco), and holds a PhD in sustainable management of resources from the Polytechnic University of Marche (Ancona, Italy). He is a certified re-grid manager (Integration of renewable energy into electricity grid) by the Renewables Academy (Berlin, Germany) and accredited Applying Renewables from the same institution. He is fluent in Arabic, English, French and Italian, and has a working command of German.

Specialties: Renewables, Sustainability, Climate change and Green economy.
Focus geographic area: Middle East, North and West Africa.

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El Mostafa J.

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• Renewable Energies in the MENA region: presentation at the university of Giessen
September 15th
2012 • The use of Photovoltaic in Agricultural and Food Industry Sector: German and Italian Experience
the 30th
January 2012 at the AgroTECH SMD conference
Morocco • Renewable Energy Technologies: German Experience
Faculty of Science El Jadida
the 24th
September 2011 • Moroccan Solar Plan
Investment opportunities
at the CIME conference
June 18th
2011 • Moroccan Solar Plan
Investment opportunities
at the CIME conference
May 8th
2011 • Moroccan Solar Plan
challenges and opportunities
at the SMAPEXPO conference
Milan Italy
April 25th
2011 Relevant Publications: • La bioénergie au Maroc
in Massolia
July 18
2012 • Feed in tariffs: Une approche participative pour le développement des énergies renouvelables au Maroc. Massolia
July 2012. • Renewable Energy in Morocco: a promising market
at http://www.germanprofec.com/cms/front_content.php?idcat=75 • Overview and Empirical Analysis of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Morocco ( NEW MEDI
Mediterranean Journal of Economics
Agriculture and Environment) Vol. 7 - N. 2/2008 (June) • le commerce équitable “Fairtrade” une nouvelle option pour les agriculteurs marocains
Pack Info
N38 April 2005 • Effect of annual self-reseeding legumes on subsequent crops into a rotation program in Mediterranean organic farming systems. In: Proceedings of ISOFAR – IFOAM World Congress. Modena June 2008. Co-Authors: Al Bitar L
Ayoub M
Wahbi E

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PhD in Sustainable Management of Resources

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El Mostafa J.
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El Mostafa J.

Energy and Environment

19 Years of Experience
Environmental and social compliance: expertise on the assessment of the social and environmental compliances with the obejective to continusully improve these standards
Renewable Energy: Socio-Economic Aspects of renewable energy projects. Mainly, the environmental impacts, socio-economic impacts such as in terms of job creation, wealth... and the financing mechansims
Climate change: Climate change adaptation and mitigation both at local and global levels

Research, Development, Design

13 Years of Experience
Applied Research. Experience in conducting applied research with the aim to apply results in order to enhance processes...ect

Project Management

11 Years of Experience
Project management: Project conception, planning, development, implementation, coordination and monitoring and evaluation
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