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Paul D.

A Business Trainer from Oxford, United Kingdom

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Business and Commercial Development Training
Having been the sales director for Europe for financial services for a major US IT company, sold in Europe, the US, India and SE Asia, and managing director in the UK, India and Singapore, with a strong background in marketing, both product management and segmentation, developed and delivered a significant range of training courses focused on sales and sales management, negotiation and commercial development, sales and marketing, personal effectiveness, business planning and process re-engineering.

With a research and teaching background before entering business, all training is focused on developing the confidence of the participants, bringing out their own skills and experience and giving them different perspectives, information, knowledge and skills so that any particular training course is the start of a process of personal and professional development. The key focus is on communication and not only spoken, written and visual, but also, crucially, on listening and discovery.

With two major business books and a wealth of articles in other business collections, including QFinance, the Bloomsbury compendium for the global financial market, and consultancy assignments, from business process re-engineering to sales and marketing, there is a wealth of expertise and knowledge behind every training course



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Paul's Training Expertise

37 Years of Experience

Contract Law, Mgt, Negotiation

As sales director, it was important to use contracts as part of the client management process - not overtly but in the background. Negotiation across four continents is different, challenging - and to be effective it requires sensitivity, communication skills of the highest order and insight.

42 Years of Experience

Education and Training

All courses are built from direct, hands on experience and informed by an understanding of learning and practice. Participants engage in the training and while there is knowledge transfer, the aim is to make it a discovery process - bringing out core skills and understnding.

34 Years of Experience

International Business and Trade

Having worked in most countries in Europe, developed businesses and sold in the US, managed and sold in India, developed business in S Africa, managed business in the Gulf, Singapore and in SE Asia, and worked in China and in partnership with the Philippines, there is a real awareness of how to develop international business.
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