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Hire Alan R., a brainy Consultant from Walkerville | Expertbase
Alan R.  
A brainy Consultant from Walkerville, South Africa

World Class Manufacturing Interim Executive / Consultant

Hire Alan R., a brainy Consultant from Walkerville | Expertbase
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Alan's Consulting Portfolio

Operational Performance * 28 Years

This will often include the design of the new building, process flow designs, machine layout designs and on occasion bespoke machinery designs. Also included are manning levels, skills requirements, Skill retention and skills transfer, management information systems, performance monitoring, plant commissioning to meet the clients requirements in both product Quality and production capacity.


* Designing and building of world class manufacturing plants
* Improvement and refinement of operational procedures
* Exceptional team builder and motivator
* Relocating plants, Consolidating plants, Reconfiguring plants
* Manufacturing systems design
* Design of bespoke machines and production lines
* Turnaround of underperforming manufacturing companies
* Project management of complex world class manufacturing projects
* Expert communicator
* Business process performance improvements
* Implementation of world class systems and standardization across multi-site operations
* Operations management/logistics
* Redesign and improvement of automated lines

Business Relocation * 28 Years

This also includes international relocation and the consolidation of plants under one roof. Also being one of the few manufacturing specialists that can relocate plants whilst maintaining production, thus keeping the company producing throughout the relocation.

Project Management * 28 Years

I was described by one of my clients in Europe as "one of the best in the world" in the management of highly complex manufacturing projects.
I have achieved up to 770% improvement in performance improvement projects with R500 million increase in annual turnover.

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Alan R.'s Profile

World Class Manufacturing Interim Executive / Consultant

A highly successful business management professional who is innovative, results orientated and profit focused, with an exceptional record of achievement in the manufacturing sector.

Formally, an Operations Director (in a manufacturing company of 350 staff) and highly successful General Manager of a manufacturing plant with over 600 employees (in a highly unionised environment).

Having an exceptional skills set, innovation and proven ability in the management and delivery of highly complex projects. A team builder and motivator who is able to lead by example. Described by one of his European clients as “one of the best in the world” in the successful management of complex operations and manufacturing projects. Having an excellent understanding of the intricate relationships between manufacturing and the other key management functions within a company and the balance and coordination it takes to make them function together effectively.

Alan has demonstrated ability in effecting major change in the manufacturing operations of companies like Cummins/ Volvo, Haldor Topsoe and a very impressive list of Blue Chip companies many of whom are world leaders in their respective fields. He is responsible for bringing about not only outstanding performance improvements (up to 770%) and increases in turnover (up to R500 million), but lasting improvements to organisational structures and operational efficiency.

Experienced in the following Industries

Chemical manufacturing (catalytic converters), Relocation of Offices, IT departments, Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses, Manufacturing across multi site operations, Operations across multi site locations, NHS, FMCG, Textiles, Assembly Lines, Bottling Plants, Logistics and Distribution, Supply Chain Planning, Food Manufacturing , Computers, IT Hardware and Software solutions, Clothing Industry; Fashion Garments and General Clothing, Catalytic Converters , Supermarkets, Hospitals, Catering, Glass Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Utilities and Public Services, Ambulance services, Fibre cement and moulded products, Armoured and Military Defence Vehicles, Automotive Industry, Packing

Alan Travels From
Walkerville, South Africa

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Alan's Milestones

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Memberships, Awards, Certifications
Professional Member of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Institute of Management Services (AMS) Listed on the GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) web site as a GLG Educator Certified iCEO™ Top International Executive number 51200 Listed on the Intota Expert Network for expertise in the field of manufacturing Expert No: 729210
Two books written (non-fiction) and ready for publication
Exceptional leader decision maker and team motivator Outstanding analytical and innovative skills
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 South Africa
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 United Kingdom
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