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Michael M.
A specialist Business Trainer from London, United Kingdom

Macroeconomist - Trainer and Practitioner

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20 Years specialisation in

Macroeconomics including, but not limited to, central banking and other macroeconomic policies. Both teaching and research work undertaken.

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Macroeconomist - Trainer and Practitioner

Michael is a macro-economist who currently works as an Assistant Professor teaching both undergraduate and graduate level macroeconomics and applied econometrics. His teaching experience includes all levels (undergraduate, MSc, PhD and MBA) and he has taught at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. In addition, he has been awarded numerous teaching prizes from these institutions.

He also has experience working for three different central banks. He continues to be employed as a consultant in a central bank where, in addition to research and
policy work, he runs some of their economist training.

Michael's graduate training (PhD, MRes, MSc) was all in macroeconomics from the London School of Economics, and he read economics for his undergraduate (BA) at Trinity College Dublin.

His teaching philosophy is that economics is not a set of rules and laws that necessarily hold. Instead it is a way of thinking and a set of analytical tools which, once understood, allow the user to address and explain any topic.

He also tends to emphasise the practical application of these tools as much as the theoretical elements that are typically covered in macroeconomics training.

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