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Anand U.

Experiential Facilitator And Trainer

A specialist Business Trainer from Mumbai / Pune, India

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Anand's Training Experience

31 Years specialisation in
Action Learning

Designing Management Development modules, using Experiential Learning as a methodology.

Learning Mediums: Business Simulations, Outdoor Adventure, Experiential Theatre, Music etc.

31 Years specialisation in
Organisational Development

Diagnostics - Organisational Audits, including 360 isometric tools, analysis.

OD Interventions: Vision & Mission, Top down interventional workshops using experiential learning.

+30 +4
31 Years specialisation in
Executive Development

Design & Conduct Skill based and Behavioural 'soft skills' workshops across levels and industries - Communication, B2B Negotiation, Change Management, Facilitative Leadership, Team Building.

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Experiential Facilitator and Trainer

Update: Anand has been invited to present a paper on "Alternative media for experiential learning" by the Int. simulation & Gamimg Asso (ISAGA) to be held in Thialand.

Anand has over 20 years of experience with 16 years of HRD experience in India and overseas, specifically in the area of training, design and development.

He has been associated with Goodman Feilder Wattie as a researcher during his Masters Thesis on ‘Building Learning Organisations’ at Massey University.

Anand worked for the Accident Compensation Corp, (New Zealand) Training Systems, a NZ government funded Maori Development Enterprise ( New Zealand ), GE Capital (India), Rediffusion - D Y & R ( India ), DHL Worldwide Express (India), Indian Council for Cultural Relations (Ministry of External Affairs, India).

Anand has facilitated numerous workshops in areas like Senior leadership alignment, articulation of company vision, mission and values, cultural integration, cross functional synergies and productivity, creative problem solving and managing change effectively. His pragmatic and facilitative approach to the interventions has helped various leadership teams/ companies to improve existing processes and systems and come-up with new ideas to increase productivity / cut cycle times. He is passionate about the role of OD, specialy in growing organisations and has been a key partner in 3 start-up ventures.

Anand's Specialties:
Creating unique learning environments, using 'experiential learning' as a methodology.

Some of Anand's Clients include:
Vodafone, Future Group, Microsoft, GE Capital, DHL, Siemens, Bank of America, ABN Amro, Airtel, Tata Tel, HCC.
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Mumbai / Pune, India

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Association of Experiential Education
Flexible / Adaptive Innovative Positive
Played Cricket at the national Level Awarded State sports Scholarship by the Govt
7.47 K

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51 to 55
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New Zealand

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