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Susanne K.

A Consultant from Dorfen (near Munich), Germany

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Your Partner for Sustainable Excellence!
Susanne practices a partnership oriented, cooperative style of consulting. By challenging existing ways of thinking and doing things, she helps her clients in the private and public sectors to develop systems, approaches and methods which generate desired results and lead to sustainability. Her approach includes direct consulting, coaching and training which is individually tailored to client needs and expectations.

Susanne began consulting in 1996 and is managing partner in her own consulting company. She is now an acknowledged expert in the area of Sustainable Excellence – which focuses on the balance of long-term financial, environmental and social factors for the sustainably excellent results which are based on sound and strategically focused approaches in all areas of management. Initially focused on Environmental Management, Susanne is now a specialist in the Sustainable Excellence. This concept is based on Excellence Model of the EFQM and includes several focal areas such as Leadership and Values, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Stakeholder Management. Susanne has been instrumental in developing new methods and tools to increase the level of economic, environmental and social sustainability though integration into organisational Strategy.

Susanne has over 11 years international consulting and training experience. In addition to Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability, Susanne is also an expert in the areas Corporate Social Responsibility, Total Quality Management, Leadership, Strategic Management, etc.. Susanne has assisted dozens of organisations in implementing holistic management systems (ihe Excellence Model as well as ISO-based integrated management systems), performing self-assessments as well as coached organisations applying for the European Excellence Award. With her experience in the planning and implementation of various management issues, Susanne has assisted organisations in both the private and public sectors - ranging in size from SMEs to large organisations. Susanne has developed expertise in a number of related areas such as: the development and integration of quality and environmental management systems based in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, establishment of continuous improvement processes and continuous learning, implementation of process management and improvement, strategic management, intercultural conflict management, etc. Susanne is an experienced Team Leader / Senior Award Assessor as well as a Validator for "Committed to Excellence" for the European Foundation for Quality Management as well as a Certifying Auditor for ISO 9001.

Susanne received her Bachelors Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 1986, completed her Masters’ degree in Environmental Ethics and Resource Management at New York University in 1995 and in 1997 finished her Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Bielefeld, Germany. In line with continuing academic education, she is a doctoral candidate at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland in the area of Multicultural Management (specifically Sustainability of SMEs) and teaches at the University of Applied Science in Munich.

Susanne also spent 9 years working for a German bank with assignments in Munich, New York and Hamburg. Her positions within the bank included Correspondent Banking Officer, Credit Specialist, Corporate Banking Officer and Money Market / Foreign Exchange Specialist.



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Susanne's Consulting Expertise

27 Years of Experience

Sustainable Development

Through her work as a founding member of the Sustainable Excellence Group, Susanne has been instrumental in the development of the Sustainable Excellence Approach. While this approach builds upon the Excellence Model of the EFQM, it is supplemented to heighten environmental and social sustainability issues. In order to make Sustainable Development more manageable, several practical methods for Stakeholder Management, Strategy Development, Development of Organizational Culture and Values, Leadership Development, etc. are part of the Sustainable Excellence Approach which has been implemented by dozens of private and public sector organizations in the past several years.

Susanne also works intensively with the Excellence Model of the EFQM, aiding organizations implement the Model, training assessors, facilitating self-assessments as well as preparing national and European award submissions and coaching applicants for excellence awards. Her involvement also includes activity as an Assessor / Team Leader for the EFQM as well as for other national and international excellence award processes.

24 Years of Experience

Benchmarking and Best Practices

In the past several years, Susanne has developed additional expertise in Benchmarking. In organizations, Susanne has helped to define Key Performance Indicators for indicator based benchmarking. This method for comparison with others is favored by smaller organizations. In addition to developing local programs to aid companies perform benchmark comparisons (i.e. “B.E.S.T.-Project” in Germany), Susanne has also been instrumental in the tailoring and implementation of national benchmarking indexes such as the Czech Benchmarking Index.

Best-Practice benchmarking, which involves the direct comparison of processes and practices with acknowledged “best-in-class” organizations is another area in which Susanne can help her clients. Her work with world class enterprises (including winners of the European Excellence Award and the Ludwig Erhard Preis, Germany) gives her access to comparison partners. Support in this area includes preparation for benchmarking through the identification of processes and approaches for comparison, clear definition of benchmarking aims, measurement of Key Performance Indicators as well as implementation of benchmark comparisons through the organization of benchmarking visits or benchmarking forums.

38 Years of Experience

General Management

In more general management terms, Susanne is very experienced in implementing programs including Continuous Improvement, Lean and World Class Manufacturing, Process Improvement, Project Management and Visioning initiatives. She advises organizations in developing and implementing environmental and quality management systems based on the EU-Environmental Audit-EMAS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and other Health and Safety standards. Susanne is experienced in integration of management systems (i.e. Excellence and quality according to ISO 9001, environment as well as health and safety) and is a certification Auditor for ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems.

Susanne develops and delivers both English and German language training and workshop programs based on individual needs of organisations and participants. She performs Training Needs Assessments and organizational training programs. Training methodology and materials are tailored and cover a wide range of management related subjects. Susanne also offers coaching of management members in individually developed areas.

Her experience is grounded on 9 years practical experience in the banking industry, where Susanne held several positions including: Credit Officer, Commercial Banking Officer, Money Market and Foreign Exchange Advisor. During her time at the bank, Susanne worked in Munich, New York and Hamburg and gained experience in managing staff, developing training programs and in assisting colleagues to sell new financial instruments.
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